What is Ascension?

Welcome! You are about to explore the essential elements of your life journey, as well as that of the rest of creation, as all existence returns to its Source. In this series of discussions, that process will be referred to as ‘Ascension’.

The dictionary defines ascension as rising to a higher level or degree. We are using the term to describe the rise of the consciousness of man and of the Earth – because they are intertwined – as they manifest their divine nature and purpose.

While ascension is inevitable, individual choices determine its pace. We can be active participants, cooperating to the extent of growing availability. We can be passive, riding the coattails of those in the vanguard. Or we can resist, delaying our progress and to some extent, impeding others. But ascend, we will. The pace and degree of pain and frustration is up to each of us.

Where and how to begin?

Having determined to participate actively in our own Ascension, we must understand that there is no fixed destination. We will never ‘arrive’, but endlessly explore and expand the perfection of our being.

What will we need on the way?

This is possibly the most difficult and painful step we will take but it is also the most critical. The single indispensable element is our ‘Self ‘. While the core of our being is a facet of the Infinite Creator, it is overlaid with environmental and social conditioning. We have to get rid of a lot of baggage as we drastically re-assess our inherent attitudes and habits.

Unpacking for the Trip

Step One: Welcoming Change

It’s amazing how resistant we are to change and its challenges. Even positive change causes a degree of disruption or discomfort. Since our Self is the single constant in the journey and has accumulated experiential and socially conditioned ways of viewing and dealing with our world, we are now required to subject that Self to some ruthless, unflinching examination.

The first challenge we face is the realization that our environment is a mirror to our Self. The feedback we get from others reflects our own attitude and expression, as does the quality of our physical surroundings. While all challenges entail change, by no means are all of them painful, especially when we become open to the lessons that lie behind the obvious. The most valuable perspectives are often revealed by the challenges that show us who or what we are not. As we become more adept at seeing behind appearances, the more effortlessly we learn the lessons.

There are three ways to learn…

  1. First, is to heed the gentle prodding of Spirit. This may appear as an intuitive instruction, an inner voice or visual signs appearing either during the dream state or while we are awake.
  2. We can wait for the hard knocks – the 2×4 on the head as Spirit tries to wake us from our nightmare.
  3. Grace allows an instantaneous awakening. When grace occurs, those dysfunctional elements in our lives stand out like sore thumbs, begging to be brought into harmony. Living in grace allows us to hear the whispers of Spirit and make decisions based on the highest reflection of who we are.

As we learn to embrace our challenges, our spiritual journey is greatly accelerated. Within our challenges lie our deepest insights, and insight brings power; therefore, challenges are our power sources. While learning to embrace change, it is important not to get stuck on one set of truths. Today’s truth is not tomorrow’s truth, so hold your beliefs lightly. Truth changes because perception changes, and what we call reality is merely a perception.

Science has led us to discount the magic behind life to the extent that we tend to believe the only reality is that which can be proven with the limited tools available to us or through the direct experience of our senses.

Linear time is one example of this peculiar perception. It is said that humanity invented time to keep things from happening all at once. That makes it a particularly valuable learning tool because it enables us to see the relation between cause and effect. The denser the physical environment, the longer the gap between cause and effect. We created the dense planet on which we live to give us time to make mistakes and experience the unknown parts of ourselves.

Step Two: Revealing the Perfection

It is our sacred duty to be healthy and whole; otherwise, we send a discordant ripple through the consciousness of mankind. Sickness is indicative of something being out of balance.

Healing isn’t merely removing the physical symptom. We need to look at why there is imbalance, because our aches and pains are spirit’s way of signaling us to deal with the root of the problem. Spirit says, through the language of pain, ‘This aspect needs to be brought back into harmony.’

The body desires that all its parts function in perfect harmony. That is why it alerts us when something needs to be brought into alignment. Be aware, that includes our emotions, thoughts, and actions. If anything is out of balance, it eventually manifests in the physical body.

If we develop a sickness or disease or injure ourselves, keep in mind that we created it. When we embrace the root problem and correct it, the pain goes away. Wholeness is what remains when we heal ourselves on every level; mentally, emotionally and physically.

However, becoming balances on all of these levels is no easy task, for during this incarnation we are integrating all of our lifetimes and solving all of the problems incurred during each. As a result, we need to be patient with ourselves as we walk the spiral of healing over and over until not one cobweb from any lifetime remains.

Healing Others

Assisting others to heal is a great service. but we need to remember that ultimately everyone heals himself. The highest service is to show others how to make themselves whole. If we simply healed without educating the person about why the disease manifested, the same problem would recur in one form or another. If we heal a man without guidance as to cause, we are not honoring the fact that he masterfully manifested that condition for potential personal growth. We would be seeing him as a helpless person needing to be rescued.

We Create Our Reality

Our most prominent thought coupled with feeling is really a prayer and it is that which creates our reality. Thoughts flow into the reservoir of the heart and act on the substance of things hoped for. It is a living, delicate substance that fills the entire universe and responds to our thoughts and feelings, setting in motion that which results in physical manifestation.

It is important that we start taking absolute responsibility for our lives and the condition of the world. We created the seemingly imperfect conditions on our planet through our limited thoughts. When millions of people are thinking negative thoughts, it registers on the grid and they manifest more easily. Guarding our thoughts has become more imperative than ever, especially since the time lapse between what we think and its physical manifestation is becoming shorter and shorter.

When we realize that we create our destiny, we know we are in control of our abundance. The Infinite wants us to have abundance, wealth and beauty. We must learn to trust in ourselves and know that we are connected to the Source that breathed life into us. Then we can lie back in the arms of the Infinite and simply be, having faith that we will be taken care of.

Definition of Ascension

In this video:

Introduction to the facets of Ascension. The spiritualizing of the cells. God-mind, expression and evolution of consciousness and the broader aspects of turning the unknown into the known. The ongoing journey of enlightenment of all of life. The Ascended Mastery Realms. Contrasting resurrection and death. The song of the body. The changes of ascended masters remaining in the flesh. Recapitulation, grids and fields, identity consciousness, beyond the God Kingdom, and silence of the mind. Levels of the spirit realms.

Methods of Ascension: Heart and Mind

Ascension can be achieved through the heart or through the mind. The right-brain method of Ascension occurs through pure feelings of love, praise and gratitude. The left-brain method is accomplished through logic and mastering the mind.

The goal of both methods is to allow the cells to fill with light and to vibrate at the frequency of eternal love. The light is masculine (electrical) and the love is feminine (magnetic). The balance of the two allows the glory of the Infinite to emerge.

Love is the core ingredient in both methods, but it comes through the ascension attitudes to those who are right-brain dominant. Left-brain oriented people are just as capable of divine love but they generally use logic and reasoning. They access the love within by expanding their perception, enabling them to see behind fear and release it. When fear dissolves, love remains.

The Right-Brain Method: The Three Ascension Attitudes

Many people are very much in touch with their feelings. They aren’t logically inclined and so don’t question what they feel. They function primarily from the right brain and find it natural to be immersed in the three ascension attitudes of Love, Praise and Gratitude. This is the feminine approach.

If we live continually in the pure vibration of any one of these attitudes for a few months we change from mortal to immortal, becoming an ascended master in the flesh. This occurs because love, praise and gratitude are attitudes indicating we have chosen life. They signal the pituitary gland to order the thymus to excrete the life hormone so our cells are continually renewed.


The majority of right-brain oriented people with ascend through praise. Praise sees only the perfection. One outward expression of this is devout singing; another may be prayer. Praise raises our eyes above the storm for it has no regard for fear or external circumstances.

The Belvaspata Sigil for Praise

Praise has everything to do with awareness. If we start to become aware, we will find reasons to praise the Creator even when we’ve had a rough day; our boss is unreasonable, the pot has boiled over on the stove, the kids are screaming and the phone is alive. We need to stop and take a deep breath; it is spring, flowers are in full bloom, the air is soft and warm. Focus on the positive things in our life and realize that we are spiritual beings having human experience.

Some people use praise like a drug. It is a high and they may use it to escape reality. If that is the case, it has become a dysfunctional addiction. Continual praise is healthy only when the individual is balanced and incorporates it into the order of his daily life.


Gratitude is the next most common option for right-brain ascension. To feel grateful for all things, we need to know that everything is in divine order — even the seemingly negative occurrences.

The Belvaspata Sigil for Gratitude

Before we can be grateful for all things we need to see them as gifts, knowing it is an honor to undergo these challenges because it evolves the consciousness of the Infinite. If we live that attitude, so-called problems tend to dissolve. Hardships decrease and we start to walk in grace.


The most difficult right-brain option is through love because it requires that no fear be present. Fear is the desire to retreat and it blocks our alignment with the intent of the universe which is to enfold all things within itself. Love doesn’t come online as a state of being until we align ourselves with this intent. When we do, love vibrates through the bodies’ cells.

The Belvaspata Sigil for Love

Colors of Ascension

Each of the three Ascension Attitudes represents a color. Love is blue, praise is yellow, gratitude is red. When they are combined, it makes white light — the light of the Infinite. These are the white garments of the saints spoken of in the scriptures — the white light emanating from their skin.

Praise and gratitude banish fear; therefore love follows. Faith in the Infinite and surrender to the Divine Will are the components of devotion, which melts fear and brings forth love. It is necessary for fear to be removed since it is the opposite of love. They cannot exist simultaneously.

We cultivate the three Ascension Attitudes through perspective. Start by thinking the most beautiful thoughts possible and focusing on what we have rather than what we do not. Even if we can find only one thing to be grateful for and focus on it, our perception expands. Soon we are able to see further and further behind the appearances.

The Left-Brain Method: Mastering the Mind

If we are driven to understand who we are and insights hold great value, then we are left-brain oriented.

The primary goal of the left-brain method is to master the mind, to put the elements of the known in order so we can access the unknown. The techniques used to master the mind can change the molecular structure and cause ascension to take place. Throughout the ages these techniques have often been misunderstood and given rise to deviance such as: deprivation of pleasure; living an austere life of seclusion in monasteries; using mind-altering drugs or putting the body through turmoil and torture. We only need to become free from limiting perception by using life as our tutorand return to our natural state, which is love.

The left-brain process can be compared to the spiraling progress on the circular medicine wheel. Though we go round and round through the directions, the walk never ends. As we complete one circuit of the wheel, we go around again, moving up one level since the wheel is actually an unending spiral.

The first spiral is the path of the initiate and its goal is self-empowerment. It deals with overcoming, or releasing, the past through recapitulation. There are nine questions to be addressed in releasing the past:

  • What is the lesson?

  • What is the contract?

  • What is the role?

  • What is the mirror?

  • What is the gift?

  • Can I allow?

  • Can I release?

  • Can I be grateful?

When the individual has honestly and thoroughly explored each of these questions as they apply to himself and his situation and accepts their truths, his bonds begin to fall away. If we have gone through these nine steps and can feel true gratitude for insights gained, consciousness is raised, we are assisted in connecting with our higher light bodies and turning hardships into ascension tools.

If we have completed the first 8 steps and do not feel gratitude, we need to go back and do them again.

Our relationships are temples of initiation that bring to the surface things we haven’t overcome. The people who are closest to us; our spouses, partners, partners, immediate family, bosses, coworkers and friends all have contracts to push us into growth. That is why there is so much friction in intimate relationships.

The majority of what we believe and even who we think we are is a result of social conditioning. It comes in the form of identity labels and world views, from our parents, society and the culture we live in. it is important to release the social beliefs we accept as truth and begin to access truth independently. When we do so, we overcome these limitations and operate from the position of an observer. This yields strength.

You will notice that part of each spiral is the overcoming of social conditioning.

Releasing Fear

Those who wish to control us want us to live in fear. To become uncontrollable, we must release our fears and expectations. If a fear surfaces, give it a voice and ask why it is scared. After the fear has stated its case take these three steps:

  • Call for assistance from the Divine to remove the fear

  • Command the fear to leave

  • Issue the command, ‘Let there be light’, so the void that had been created will be filled again

One thing we need to be aware of is that the fear may not have originated from within us. It could stem from an outside source and we may be giving that vibration a home. This happens frequently, so always investigate the source. If it isn’t your fear, banish it immediately and then ask why you allowed the outside negativity to reside within you.

Overcoming Fear of Death

Death is optional. If we move into ascension, our cells will become quickened and flooded with Spirit. This is the second birth referred to in the Bible. Death is a purification rite. We have made it a recurring part of our life by our limiting thoughts and imperfection.

Many people associate death and rebirth with a wheel perpetuated by karma. The common belief surrounding karma is a misperception. Karma is a dispersal energy that wants to remove constrictions in the universal flow of energy. If we fill ourselves with light, there is no more karma. It is our sacred duty to overcome death, setting others free from its grip by paving the way.

Power and Ascension

Death, energy, ascension and power. The building blocks of life. Patterns of the body. Energy and consciousness. The three main stages. Nine phases of ascension.

What Happens When We Ascend?

When we ascend, it tears a hole in the frequency prison that surrounds the earth. This is the veil of darkness mentioned in the scriptures. Light, which cannot penetrate this electromagnetic prison directly, can be channeled through our hearts. Light channeled through a human heart is a more comfortable way for humans to experience change. If pure, white light isn’t diffused through a human heart, the vibration is too strong for unaware people to hold. Hence, chaos ensues as old patterns de-structure themselves.

However if we become a plug-in for the light to radiate through the heart, we gently change people. If one is balanced and open to change, he or she will feel peace and love in our presence. If the person is imprisoned by his beliefs, he will feel irritation. That is why many prophets have been killed in the past. Although the reaction of people today isn’t as antagonistic towards spiritual leaders, it nevertheless polarizes their responses and may create strong reactions.

Chakra Phase 1

Chakra Phase 2

Chakra Phase 3

Normally, a person has seven chakras that are conical in shape with a plug in the center. It looks like an hourglass when viewed from the side. The seals are formed by debris from previously unresolved issues connected with the chakras. As a person grows in consciousness, the plugs open and the cone becomes spherical, eventually spreading to form a unified chakra field.

This is the opening of the seven seals mentioned in Revelations; however, it is specifically referring to the seven seals of the Earth as they open for ascension.

The unified chakra field forms a low or almost non-existent electromagnetic field around the body, similar to being at a sacred site. Wherever we are becomes the most sacred place on the planet and our vibration heals those around us. This happens because the love we emit through our cells alters any distortions in the geometric fields around their bodies. They heal through grace. This is what we experience when we go to sacred sites. People go there because it also alters the way they look at the world. We have that same effect on people.

Beyond our physical body, we have lightbodies which are connected to the seven chakras. Before our seven chakras open, the mental body, which is connected to the ego, stands guard to block the information of the three higher spiritual bodies. The three spiritual bodies are the ones containing the blueprint for the full potential of our life. Clearing the debris from the chakras and forming a unified field gives us access to this blueprint. We then receive clear communication from all our bodies.

The five lightbodies that surround the physical body alternate between being masculine (linear) and feminine (flowing fields). They mimick the dimensions, with the outer-most one (the seventh body) and the physical body being neutral.

The Seven Bodies

1. Physical Body:

The physical body is the anchoring point for your Higher Self to explore the mystery of your being within physicality. It is highly susceptible to programming transmitted through touch for several minutes after birth. It holds the memories of this and other lives.

The Seven Bodies

2. Etheric or Astral Body:

The majority of karma, which is a constriction in the universal flow of energy formed by incorrect perception, is held in the astral body (only a small portion is in the physical body). It consists of bluish lines of light. It produces the acupuncture points and the major and minor chakras by the energy lines crossing each other. Where they cross seven times, there is an acupuncture point. Where they cross 13 times, there is a minor chakra point. Where they cross 20 times, there is a major chakra point. This body is linear and is located an inch out from the physical body.

3. Emotional Body:

It is the auric field. Past trauma is held in the first three bodies (the physical, astral and emotional bodies). Therefore, as we overcome our past and balance our sub-personalities, this body becomes clearer. It is a flowing field extending out about 14 inches from the physical body.

4. Mental Body:

As we balance the three minds, including the left and right brains, the mental body ceases to block access to the higher bodies. This body is linear and is located about 14 inches out from the physical body.

5. Spiritual Emotional Body:

When able to access this body, we begin living in eternal time, which aligns us with the intent of the Infinite. This body is a flowing field that extends about 19 inches out from the physical body.

6. Spiritual Mental Body:

The information within this body contains the specifics regarding the blueprint for this lifetime. When access to this body is achieved, we start seeing from a cosmic perspective. We begin to see the innocence and value of each life as it mirrors to the Infinite either that which it is, or that which it is not. We see that there is no guilt so all judgment effortlessly dissolves. This body is linear and is located about 19 inches out from the physical body.

7. Spirit Body:

It is trillions of little fibers of light radiating out in all directions from the life force center. This is a ball of white light about the size of a grapefruit. In May 2007 it was moved from behind the belly button to the heart center in all humanity. Every living creature within the cosmos has a band of awareness among these light fibers within our spirit body. That is why we are the microcosm. This is the body shamans use to be able to shapeshift into animals or other forms; plus they use this body to access parallel realities. They move a point of illumination called the assemblage point. It is located an arm’s length behind the heart, and a little bit to the right. This body is a linear field radiating out from the center to an arm’s length from the physical body.

The assemblage point is on the outer rim of the seventh lightbody (spirit body) and is an illuminated spot that determines which reality we are in. If that point moves, this universe, which seems solid, disappears and another reality assembles. It is as though we have accessed different holographic experiences. A slight movement of the assemblage point puts us in an altered state, such as in meditation. With practice, we can go into a temporary meditative state, even if we are just going to the end of the garden to get the mail. It is a temporary disconnecting of the clamor of left-brain that allows pure information from higher realms to shed light on the situation and give us accurate information about the unknown.

Much of our energy comes from bodies five, six and seven. Consequently, if our innermost bodies have constrictions, we become tired easily because the flow of energy from the higher bodies is blocked. The emotional body is particularly important in allowing the flow of energy.

Beyond the Seven Bodies, we have five larger bodies, with the 12th body being the one as vast as the cosmos overlaying everything. As we move through the various stages of ascension, we fully activate all 12 lightbodies. At this point we function from 12 chakras instead of seven.

When all 12 bodies are accessed in this lifetime, we enlighten everything in all our lifetimes since they are all connected. Every past act and thought becomes perfected. This is an important factor because if we die we may leave ripples of discordance from sowing seeds that were less than loving. When we change the past, the present changes; and when the present changes, the past changes.

Grids Surrounding the Earth

A grid is a geometric array of light, and light is information. These grids surround the planet in geometric patterns. Each species has one and it is the ‘instinctual’ information for that plant or animal. There are two grids around the earth that tell us how to be human. One is the old, third-dimensional fear-based grid. The other is the grid of Higher Consciousness, which is a fourth-dimensional, group-minded grid. It is the one that ascension is moving toward.

We are connected with all humans on the planet through the grids. The grids are connected to our hearts. That is how our thoughts, feelingsand actions affect all of humanity.

One person’s life lived gloriously can affect the grid around the planet and it becomes accessible to all beings. The formation of the Higher Consciousness grid was necessary to give humans an option other than functioning solely from the fear-based grid that contains a lot of negativity due to the age of dark materialism the earth has been in for approximately 13,000 years. For the past 2,000 years everyone has had the option to live from the higher consciousness grid. Further more, all that have ascended have strengthened it.

That is why focusing within is the most important work we can do. When we understand that the decisions we make affect everyone, we realize it is important for us to be whole.

There is no Destination

We are on a path that has no point of arrival because there is no destination. There is only the journey. Our journey through eternity offers us experiences so we may remember who we are — and that is God. To remember who we are, we must push beyond our comfort zone and break the barriers that lock us into the familiar, leaving us with a sense of false security. If we remain in our comfort zone, we become stagnant.

The only thing worth striving for is clarity. We don’t search for meaning because we understand that the majority of the universe is unknowable. Clarity pertains to our next step only as we seek to gather insights from our experiences.

We gain the pearls of wisdom from our uncomfortable human experiences, until we are able to pull free from the fear that causes the discomfort. We continue this inner cleansing until we have removed layer after layer of fear. In doing this, we push our perception until it moves beyond mortal boundaries. This desire to push the perimeter of the known is what is called living a path with heart or living on the crest of the wave.

When there is no destination, it follows that there is also no preferable point along the journey. Therefore, one in separation consciousness is as important in the big picture as one who has realized he is all things. Both are equally perfect.

Humility is crucial as we walk the spiritual path. If we imagine the path as an unending ladder that spirals upward, any belief system only takes us up one rung. If we choose to remain in the role of master on a particular rung, then we become stuck. When we have mastered one rung, that is the signal for the universe to bump us up to the next rung, where we are a student again.

The realization that our purpose is ‘to be’ and that Spirit will reveal to us when we need to act, is liberating. It frees us from striving for a specific outcome. We can relax with the confidence that we will be guided to act when appropriate and that we can truly focus on the moment, the place of all power.

The present moment is the position in the center of the figure eight of time where the loop of the past and the loop of the future meet. The Mayans called it the Zuvuya. In relation to the physical body, the two loops meet in the life force center, which for most people is located behind the bellybutton. Since time travels in loops, where we have been we will be again, and where we are going, we have already been. The loops are spiraling upward so each time we travel the loop, it is a little higher in awareness.

The life force center is the power point within the physical body. During the ascension process it will rise to the heart center.

When we resist the moment, a thought forms. Thoughts place us either in the future or the past, which throws us off balance and into a weakened state. We cannot become a master as long as we resist life. To concern ourselves about yesterday, tomorrow or the next three steps on our path is a waste of energy. If we feel anxious or pressured, we are missing the fact that everything is perfect and we have forgotten that we all have what we need to fulfill our life’s blueprint.

Living in the moment initially brings with it some disconcerting side effects. The biggest one is loss of memory. We may have difficulty remembering yesterday. Even recalling what happened hours ago could be taxing. I may say, ‘Last week I went to the beach,’ and my son will correct me, ‘but Mother, that was yesterday!’ It may as well have been last week, for I have experienced a thousand present moments since yesterday.

Another factor contributing to the loss of memory is the fact that linear time is collapsing because it is connected with the earth’s electromagnetic fields, and those fields are deteriorating.

What We Resist Persists

Attention feeds energy; therefore we empower that which we focus on and attract that which we fear. This is one of the hidden laws of the universe.

Some are laboring diligently to change the world in an attempt to correct what they think is wrong. The error in that reasoning is: we strengthen that which we oppose. The more we focus on a problem, the more we empower it. For example, when the media sensationalizes a situation, it promotes more of the same. Even though it is presented as opposition, they are still strengthening it because they are giving it energy. The same is true if we continually focus on a disease–we magnify it. In addition, the negative thoughts weaken our auric field and we become susceptible to other harmful things. If we don’t feed something, however, it grows weaker and weaker.

When we attempt to right a wrong, it divides because we have placed a judgment on it as not being in alignment with the divine will of Spirit. This is separative thinking. However, if we acknowledge the wholeness of a circumstance or person, it will uplift and heal. This is inclusive thinking.

We cannot return to Source as long as we exclude anything. This doesn’t mean we condone unworthy acts, but recognize instead, the innocence of all roles being acted out for our benefit. This helps us see that only light exists and we can drop the belief that there are places where God is not. It is in recognizing the dark as part of ourselves that we can embrace it within our hearts, and as we find ourselves returning to the oneness of the heart of God, we take those that represent the dark with us.

In the past I had staff members who did not want to deal with victims of abuse. They claimed, “That is the dark and we only want to work with the light.” I replied, “But we are all things, so we are also those things.”

Another example is a friend in London who works against child slavery. Child slave labor is prevalent in the Orient, India, and South America. Children are forced to labor long days and often don’t receive any money, only food and shabby shelter as payment. Many of the girls end up as sex slaves or working in the tapestry mills where they cannot earn enough money to support themselves. They are then stuck for life at the mercy of their employers.

Many parents are tricked. The slave trader comes to a village and says, “Give your children to me so I can educate them. Look at this photo of these healthy, happy kids dressed in uniforms, studying their books.” So the parents are persuaded to allow their children to go with these people because they think they are going to school. The way to combat this is to not combat it. A better approach is to shed light onto the situation by making people aware. Use information to inform parents of what is really happening to their children. Expose the conditions of the children to the public through the mass media. As readers or viewers become aware, it creates a wave of compassion and that wave of energy will start to alter the circumstances.

By all means let us do whatever Spirit places before us, but let us strive to see with the eyes of God and act without judging or having an attachment to the outcome. Let us remember that all is in divine order.

The Language of Pain

At a spiritual level, all illness, pain, disease, and injuries are the language of Spirit telling us what aspect of our lives needs to be brought into harmony with who we are. Therefore, it is wise to examine what is behind the symptom and ask for the lesson, then embrace it and release it. When we release core issues, the illness, pain or disease goes away.

If there is no need for the language of pain to get our attention, we won’t become sick. Nobody causes another person to get sick. A sickness that is labeled contagious certainly has the potential to spread, but it cannot invade the body if we are balanced and have healthy boundaries. The only time a germ or virus slips in, is if we have forsaken ourselves by suppressing the sub-personalities or engaging in self-deprecating thoughts or beliefs. We become immune to disease when we balance the emotional body and we are home for ourselves by reconnecting the sub-personalities and allowing them freedom of expression.

Accidents don’t occur to those who walk in balance. If we have no cause for an accident to manifest, we will walk in grace, even if we are in the center of an earthquake or hurricane. The language of pain includes injuries from accidents, because in truth, there is no such thing as an accident. We masterfully manifested the incident. If pain is the language of Spirit , what is the language of the soul? It is our feelings. When we have done something that feels wonderful, we have just lived our highest truth. If we follow our feelings, we automatically walk our highest truth.


Spirit as used in this context, pertains to our Highest self as a being as vast as the cosmos. It is when we aren’t remembering this true identity that disease occurs. Soul, on the other hand, relates to our Higher Self, our fourth-dimensional aspect that has designed our assignments for this life. It communicates the assignments to our higher bodies, which in turn communicates it to our emotional body (assuming the mental body lets these messages through). Then it is felt in the heart.

We must be careful when it comes to feelings, though, because fears can masquerade as feelings. Feelings are also frequently confused with emotions. I would like to clarify this so when we are analyzing the language of pain, we know the difference.

Feelings vs. Emotions

Feeling is a way to access information that isn’t accessible to reason. It bypasses the mind. Therefore, feeling is a non cognitive way of getting information, which registers as an intuitive knowing. Feeling is the right brain accessing the unknown. It deals with things beyond the five senses and logic. Emotion has as its foundation, desire.

How to Deal with Pain

When experiencing a painful situation, don’t analyze it while you are feeling the initial emotion. That clouds judgment. Just experience the emotion. Afterwards, when you are calm and can access the feeling without it being colored by emotion, then use your left brain and see intuition behind the appearances so you can embrace the lesson. (If we are tangled up in emotions, we may miss the core lesson and then we have to create a similar circumstance later.)

To change our emotions, we need to alter our perception. It works in reverse too, because altering emotion causes altered perception. The two work hand-in-hand. It is necessary for the sake of clarity to explain the different meanings of the word love: Divine love is a state of being that remains when all fear is removed. Love can also be the desire to include, which makes it an emotion. Love can also be a vibration in the cells that resonates with the intent of the universe. And the intent of the universe is to include all of creation within itself. Divine love is unconditional.

We don’t need to worry about how to generate it because we already are love. Simply remove all fear by seeing behind the appearances and the filter obstructing love will be removed.

Sentimental love is a joyous emotion that results from believing that another completes us. We may choose a partner who brings in what we don’t have, or haven’t developed yet, or have given away. Consequently, in his or her presence we experience wholeness. It is a false sense of wholeness, but it can elicit joy. That explains why some people feel they have no identity away from the union as a couple. The same feeling of joy that results from sentimental love, can be developed within ourselves by balancing our emotional aspects.

Compassion is a response of empathy to another’s emotions and the subsequent interpretation of it. Unlike divine love, the compassionate response to another changes as perception alters, taking on different forms along the rungs of enlightenment.

Interpreting the Language of Pain

The following list of body parts and symptoms will assist us in recognizing the areas of our lives that are out of balance when symptoms manifest.

General Areas and Systems of the Body:

Breath indicates our ability to express ourselves in life. If we don’t express ourselves, it is as though someone has placed a boulder on our chest and we cannot fully breathe. Frequently, people place the boulder on themselves.

The breath is expressing our life force, so asthma patients have life-force problems. Often they were stifled from expressing as children. Babies and toddlers know the big picture of who they are, so they may experience tremendous frustration over being trapped in a physical body, unable to express the glory of their true identity. It is helpful to assist children to find safe avenues to explore their gifts and talents. When the life force becomes suppressed, the exhaling process becomes difficult, as is the case with asthma.

The fluids of our body have to do with emotions. Blood, in particular, is the equivalent of love. The ability to love is very important.

If we deliberately withhold love we find constriction in our arteries. Hardened arteries mean hardened emotions and condition of love.

The heart has to do with giving love. Drawing love from the limitless supply of the universe it should flow out through our heart. If we close our heart because of fear or from not being fully present in our body, then we begin to give energy from our life force center. This depletes us.

In order to insulate ourselves from this drain of energy, a layer of fat could build up around the solar plexus (stomach area). Light workers frequently have this layer of fat as an attempt to protect their energy source. People who suffered childhood abuse may use fat to insulate themselves from other people.

It is important to live fully in the body. Many people have suffered childhood sexual abuse and learned to leave the body when things got unpleasant. If we don’t stay in the body and feel, then the heart center remains closed and we cannot fulfill our highest calling on this planet.

Soft tissues and ligaments reflect attitudes. Is our attitude positive? Do we frequently complain? The joints have to do with how flexible we are. The soft tissues control the joints, so they are affected too. For example, in the past, prior to a seminar I would receive the topic but no specific information on the forthcoming lecture. As a result, my knee joints hurt because I wasn’t flexible enough to trust that I would receive the information at the appropriate time.

The skin reflects how we interface with the world. When the skin is irritated, it is because we perceive the world as abrasive or hostile. If a boil develops, that means a specific area of our life is like a sore.

Bones indicate what we inherited from our parents and ancestors, or what we received from genetic memory and early social conditioning.

If an ailment occurs on the front of the body, that means we are aware of the issue but we haven’t dealt with it yet. If the ailment is on the back of the body, we are trying to put it behind us, or we aren’t aware of it yet. If it is on the left side of the body, it has to do with our feminine aspects, or with female relationships in our life. Problems on the right side of the body reflect the masculine part of ourselves, or our masculine relationships.

A virus is the result of being invaded – our boundaries have broken down. The first and foremost sacred space for us is our body and we honor ourselves by establishing healthy boundaries and maintaining it. Viruses, bacteria and fungus invade when our sub-personalities aren’t healthy, happy, whole and functioning. Fungus tends to come when we have abandoned ourselves, bacteria invades when deliberate hostile influences are entering our boundaries and viruses are the result of others being allowed to use and abuse us.

Specific body parts:

The head signals thoughts and ideals – the way we think life ought to be. The face has to do with what we are presenting to the world. If our presentation is different from what is actually happening inside, our two “faces” are in conflict. As a result, acne may develop.

If we have negative thoughts, resentment, and feelings of being inadequate, mucous will develop in the sinuses. Phlegm, the fluid in the throat, is also an indication of negative emotions. Headaches often constitute repression of memories. They can also signify a conflict between the left and right brains.

For example, our right brain knows that we are all-powerful beings – that every one of us is a consciousness superimposed over All That Is. If the left brain opposes it, we develop aheadache.

Ear problems can mean there are things in our environment that we don’t wish to hear: abusive language from a spouse; nagging from a mother; or disrespect from a child. When we protect our boundaries, yet realize that we cannot control the behavior of others, this heals. It is also helpful to see the abuse as their reflection, not ours, so that we don’t take it personally.

The thyroid is where we suppress anger at not being heard. If there are pieces of our reality that don’t fit, and we try to ignore them, it effects the thyroid.

Teeth and their roots are connected to bones, therefore, they indicate conflicts with parental figures or societal attitudes. Teeth have to do with how palatable parental teachings were. If we cannot accept a life situation, our teeth may become hypersensitive. Teeth also pertain to the need for aggression.

Problems with gums indicate something we cannot swallow in life. It is stuck and bothering us, so it becomes an abscess in the mouth.

The neck is where thoughts and ideals meet — reflecting the way life is for us. Light workers often have neck problems because the way they would like life to be and the way life appears, is at variance. That conflict meets in the neck.

A lot of people have atlas problems, meaning the head isn’t on straight. This indicates a dramatic conflict between ideal and reality and an inability to embrace the folly of mankind. If we can start to see the perfection underlying all things, by looking at the larger picture, this conflict goes away.

The shoulders, arms and hands reflect that which is done to us or that which we are doing to another. The hands indicate the present moment. Arms mean it may be less obvious or more under the surface. Shoulders indicate that we have been trying to push it into the past. If our feelings were hurt today, it manifests in the fingers. If we are still hurting over something that happened last week, it will possibly manifest in the arm, up toward the elbow. If there are issues from our childhood or from past relationships that we suppress, we find that in the shoulders or back.

Specific areas of the hands indicate different things. The top joint or section of the fingershas to do with ideals and the mental. The middle joint has to do with emotional issues. The lower joint has to do with the physical body. For example, when someone is hostile towards our spiritual beliefs and makes fun of a sacred object or a spiritual book we hold dear, we may develop a problem with the top joint of the finger. If someone makes fun of our intellect or our ability to solve problems, it also manifests in the top joint. One young woman who had developed a huge tumor in the brain came to me. Her husband’s favorite nickname for her was “brain dead.” That was an insult to the mental and she continually injured the top joints of her fingers.

The area below the shoulders down to the hips has to do with our desires and passion and our self-expression of the things we love to do. Liver problems indicate anger. Kidneyproblems indicate fear. Sacrum problems indicate that we feel unsupported.

The hip area is where we balance between how we desire to live and how we are actually living. For example, a man wants to be an artist but his parents forced him to become a lawyer. Therefore, he develops problems in the hips.

The pubis bone can lock in the front. There is a cartilage joint that should move, and if it doesn’t, it throws the back out of alignment. It locks when our sexuality is being drained. For example, when a young boy is expected to be the man in the family, he may start to shield his masculinity because he feels his energy being drained. If a woman is abused sexually, the pubiswill lock.

Sexual organs relate to our ability to be active in reproduction. Legs reflect how we are moving forward through life. The man who becomes a lawyer instead of an artist may also be prone to hurting his legs. Since his artistic talent is part of his feminine side, and the masculine is crowding it out, it will likely manifest in his left leg.

Knees reflect our flexibility towards what is happening to us. For example, a woman may have a sore right knee when she is being inflexible with her husband.

Problems with the feet indicate how we are moving through life in the present moment. For example, a man has many wonderful ideas at his job but his boss won’t give him the freedom to follow those ideas, so his masculine side becomes stuck. He may have a car accident and jam the bones of his masculine foot, because his life is jammed from moving forward at this time.

Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energies

Our feminine energies include: intuition, the creative process, receiving of non cognitive information, giving birth to, nurturing. Our masculine energies include: the intellect, assertiveness, achieving, setting boundaries, and action.

The emotional-magnetic aspect is feminine and it includes our sub-personalities. This is the horizontal alignment. The mental-electrical aspect is masculine and it includes our three minds. This is the vertical alignment. When the horizontal and vertical alignments are in balance, they intersect through the heart. The heart is the place of the interaction between feeling and cognition. This is an important step because when this alignment takes place, alchemical changes in the body are set in motion that are essential for ascension.

The seeming split of the masculine and feminine energies not only exists between feeling vs cognition, but also between our left and right brain hemispheres. The right brain is feminine and the left brain is masculine. For ascension, we need to energetically merge the masculine and feminine. This means getting our left and right brains working together. When they are balanced, we activate God-mind.

The Chakras and Ascension

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Relationships as Temples of Initiation

An additional assistance to overcoming the past is utilizing the breath. (The breath is very sacred because it is where spirit and matter meet.) For most of us, our past is complex so we may need to devote several days to this exercise, or spread it out over several weeks, releasing it bit by bit.

However, before we can release the past, we need to embrace it, which means going through the steps of recapitulation.

Breathing Exercise

Pick one relationship, and start with your head completely turned to the right. Place your tongue as far back behind your upper teeth as you can. As you turn your head 180 degrees to the left, blow out a negative aspect associated with that person. At the end of this step your head will be turned all the way to the left. As you move your head from the left to the right, inhale a positive insight you have gained about yourself as a result of that person. Identify another negative aspect of that relationship and repeat the process. Continue until there is nothing negative left to breathe out. We know we are finished when there is no emotional charge in us when thinking of this person.

For example, if we had a relationship with a partner who insulted and falsely accused us, and we felt we had to constantly defend ourselves, this would wear us down. Then one day we may have blown up in anger and terminated the relationship. Begin by turning your head all the way to the right and then exhale, releasing the frustration of continually having to defend yourself as you move your head to the left. Then inhale the insight you learned: a luminous being of light with a consciousness as vast as the cosmos, has nothing to defend because we are innocently having a human experience. During the next exhale, release the judgment surrounding the outburst of anger. During the next inhale, breathe in gratitude for having severed a relationship that was binding you because you weren’t allowed to be yourself. Continue this exercise until every issue surrounding this relationship is cleared.

‘How to’ hint: Another method to add to the above technique of overcoming the past, is to go into the woods and gather twigs, having each twig represent a traumatic event in your life. Start a campfire, then position your body so you are facing the south and feed them, one-by-one into the fire. As you physically release the stick, release the person or event – including your pain and emotional attachment to it – and allow Spirit to transmute it. Envision smoke carrying it away.


Our relationships are temples of initiation that bring to the surface things we haven’t overcome, prompting a clearing down to the tiniest cobweb in the most remote corner of our internal closet. The people who are closest to us: our spouses, partners, immediate family, bosses, co-workers and friends, have contracts to push us into growth. That is why there is so much friction in intimate relationships. People who are petty tyrants are gifts in disguise. Some shamanic traditions taught the initiate to find a petty tyrant if he didn’t have one in his life. It was preferred that the person be in a position of control over a portion of his life and they be exposed to him or her on a regular basis. Why are petty tyrants important? It takes practice to develop the ability to remain centered, and petty tyrants want to pull us out of our center. The petty tyrants will remain in our lives until we learn to release the past. Since these people are in our homes and work places, they are of extreme value in keeping our skills honed and to help us live impeccably every moment. In this regard, they prepare us for the unpredictable and the unpredictable prepares us for the unknown. When we become God-realized we no longer need petty tyrants in our life, but until then, it is wise to recognize their value.

Four Categories of Petty Tyrants

The first category is comprised of the tyrants who live above the law and won’t hesitate to destroy us. They will take any measures necessary to succeed, even unethical and unlawful acts, including physical violence. For example, a woman’s niece was kidnapped. Her sister’s partner was the prime suspect. The woman had befriended the alleged perpetrator and wanted to stay in friendship with him in hopes of discovering a clue that could lead to legal prosecution. The man was a sorcerer and had managed to cover his tracks and read her thoughts, while masking his own.

Dealing with these tyrants can be life threatening because they are ruthless and you could be killed. Until you are fully God-realized and in your power, it isn’t wise to associate with this type of person, so you may want to avoid this battle.

The second category of tyrants seeks to destroy us: they are willing to take high risks but they won’t resort to physical violence. These are the ones who use verbal abuse to attack at mental and emotional levels. For example, two men are competitive in business and one gains a seeming advantage. The subordinate man may start rumors in an attempt to ruin the other. He will go to great lengths to destroy his associate’s reputation: lying to clients; entering inaccurate information on important paperwork; or reporting falsehoods to the FBI.

The third category of tyrants is unintegrated. They are the ones who present a friendly face yet perform incredibly hostile acts. These are the ones who don’t take responsibility for their actions. They are generally steeped in fear. These people will be nice one minute and attack with rage the next. Their anger is like a disease that goes into remission until it thinks it is safe to come out. This type of tyrant is commonly found in the workplace and intimate relationships. The fourth category of tyrants is the chronic naggers. They think nothing is right no matter what we do or don’t do. This type of person is frequently found among family members and intimate relationships.

Freedom from Social Conditioning

The majority of what we believe and even who we think we are is a result of social conditioning. It comes in the form of identity labels and world views. It comes from our parents, society, and the culture we live in–the country, continent and the era. Within the social structure we have many groups telling us what to think and how to act: teachers, the media; entertainment industry; medical profession; financial institutions; scientists; governments; and religious organizations. It is important to release the social beliefs we accept as truth and begin to access truth independently. When we overcome these limitations, we are operating from a position of an observer, and this yields strength.

Erasing Personal Identity

Labels are limitations. If we place labels on ourselves, others will believe them, and eventually, that is what we become.

The goal is to erase all personal identity. These labels include: I am a teacher, a healer, educated, the provider for my family, a conservative, a hippie, female, an American, human, or from a particular star family. For us to have any kind of persona is counter-productive. It pulls us back into ego. The goal is to retain personal awareness, but no labels.

Identity labels dictate a specific definition and role for the one who possesses them. It is a trap because people define themselves and others by these definitions. They think they know who we are, and oftentimes, even expect us to remain in that role. In this way labels become our prison bars.

A lot of energy is wasted trying to find our identity by comparing ourselves with others. For example, he is a male; therefore, I am a female. Often we pride ourselves in “humble” labels, but this is just another form of self-identity. As Light workers, we need to diligently remove labels so we can shed the illusion of self-importance. This requires watching every step we take to see where our beliefs are stemming from. For example, you are a teacher and a woman in the classroom does something you consider “inappropriate.” The question must be asked, “What makes any action inappropriate?”, and your answer might be that it is being disrespectful to the divinity of another. Based on this criterion, you then determine that she wasn’t being disrespectful. So where did the feeling of inappropriateness come from? Did it stem from the label that you are a teacher and there is a certain protocol that should be followed?

Every time identity labels surface, stop and say, “I am all things, so why am I getting bogged down in these circumstances?” Then examine the label that is dictating your behavior.

When we become the All That Is, it is inclusive in nature. We become all things to all people as it fits the divine purpose. We may choose to wear different masks for different people. Each person may see us differently and that is appropriate because we don’t have a need to prove anything to anyone. At that point, we stop taking things personally

Erasing personal identity means we no longer define ourselves as anything. We are no longer encumbered by the weight of self-reflection, which is part of self-importance. When we eliminate identities and selfreflection, we become fluid and energy becomes more available to us.

Eliminating the labels enables us to access pure feeling and this enables us to access information from the unknown.

World Views

Most world views are based on limitation and that is the main reason why people don’t achieve greatness. The world view says: we cannot build a flying machine; we cannot energetically heal ourselves; we cannot have world peace; and we cannot use the full capacity of our brain. It also dictates that one person is better than, or more important than, another.

In accepting world views, we are taking things at face value. Several spiritual masters have delivered the message “judge not by appearances.” When we do, we fall into the trap of thinking we know and understand reality. This is arrogance because the majority of existence lies within the unknowable.

World views are overcome by not-doing. That means stepping out of the experience and observing it. We accomplish this by soaring above the situation so we can see the larger picture, like the perspective of the eagle flying high to assess all possibilities from all angles.

Using this technique of seeing with eagle vision allows us to observe the situation and carefully determine our response—whether to act or not. Initially it is a form of stalling that gives us time to become clear and safeguard the impeccability of our actions. It can be used to step out of a rut. For example, your grandfather is continually combative and rude to you, and over the years he has grown to expect you to be rude in return. Instead of reacting, just observe. If you choose to engage at all, let it be the unexpected. Give him a big hug and walk out the door. He will wonder all day about your response. Or, your mother routinely nags to draw you into an argument. Next time, step out of it and say, “Do you think so? I’ll have to contemplate that one.” Eventually not-doing becomes easy because one piece of the mind remains the objective observer, while another piece engages in action.

A crucial time to utilize not-doing is when we are in battle. In a state of emergency or surprise, the tendency is to lose our objectivity and fall back on old habits, yet that will only perpetuate past patterns. With practice, not-doing leads to an inner stillness that slows mental activity and eventually helps stop the internal dialogue. Internal dialogue is the thoughts that maintain and reaffirm our world views. (This shouldn’t be confused with the critical voice of the dysfunctional inner nurturer. That is the commentator.)

A master has no conditioned view of the world because he has stepped out of it. He has become humble enough to acknowledge that the majority of the universe is incomprehensible. He is open to new truths and questions everything: Who says we will catch a cold by going outside in the winter without a coat? Does fire have to be hot? Does water have to flow downhill? Does gravity have a constant hold on me? Can I hear people’s thoughts?

If we only recognize fire’s fourth-dimensional quality, which is light, we can wash our hands in it, just the same as in water. Fire’s third-dimensional quality is heat and it burns most people because they have been programmed to think it is hot. If we go outside in the winter without a coat and do catch a cold, it happened because we believed it would. It strengthened that belief when we stepped outside and opposed the cold, rather than letting it flow through us.

The Need to Know

People are addicted to the need to know. It is a result of fearing the unknown and attempting to control the environment by labeling things so we can rationalize away anything that doesn’t fit into our existing views. Society places a lot of pressure on us to know what is going on daily in the entire world, since it is readily available via satellite dishes and the Internet. The problem is that mainstream media sources are only feeding us more limited programming. Remember, all knowledge is within us. So take the information you receive (even this information) and discern for yourself what resonates as truth.

If a peer, student or client is pressuring you for an answer, say, “I’m not accessing that information right now. I will ask to receive it soon, and when I have the answer, I will tell you.” It is okay to not know everything in every given moment. As a matter of fact, we reach a stage in the ascension process where Spirit clears the majority of knowledge and education we thought we had. We enter a state of knowing without thinking when we activate God-mind. Then we know what we need to at the right moment. When we don’t need the information, the mind is so calm and clear that it seems as if all knowledge we had is gone. At that point we have been set free from the pressure to know and the need to be right about everything.

Your Spiritual Bodies (Beyond Enlightenment)

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Releasing Fears

Fear is the opposite of love. Love is the highest vibration in the universe. Everything that isn’t in harmony with that vibration is a distortion of it. The distortion of fear is what gives the appearance that one part of life is more valid than another, that which we define as good or evil.

Our fears originate from incorrect perceptions perpetuated by social conditioning from the past. In fact, fears are emotions that masquerade as feelings. When we learn to see correctly, it releases the belief system associated with the fear and it dissolves.

When we know that we are the One expressing as many, it becomes clear that for us to fear another is to fear ourselves.

Those who wish to control us want us to live in fear. To become uncontrollable, we have to release our fears and expectations. We have to cease to need and know our being is our sustenance. When viewed from a higher perspective, all fears are irrational because love is all there is and all distortions are but an illusion. The illusions are in place due to a peculiarity of perception. We see life upside down, the same way that images register on the retina. A fear is a universal truth turned upside down, and to conquer it, we merely need to turn it right side up.

If a fear surfaces, give it a voice and ask why it is scared. Fear may respond, “I’m scared of the maniac out there who is going to kill me.” Then respond in a way to educate and soothe, “But who is this maniac? The maniac and I are One expressing as two individuals. For me to fear this maniac, I literally have to fear myself. For me to heal the maniac, I have to heal myself.”

Removing fear is important because fear causes our energy lines to bend inward and that deprives us of power. Power is present when our energy lines flow outward. When we release fear, we automatically become the vibration of love. This allows the life force center to move up to the heart chakra and radiate love in all directions. At this point, we grasp the value of all beings and pour forth our love indiscriminately, regardless as to whether he or she is playing the role of light or undeveloped light.

One thing to be aware of is that the fear we are experiencing may not have originated from within us. It could be stemming from an outside source and we may be giving that vibration a home. This happens frequently, so always investigate the source. If it isn’t your fear, banish it immediately. Then ask for the lesson as to why you allowed outside negativity to reside within you.


The biggest fear most beings have is death, yet death is perpetuated by our thoughts. It is the creation of the surface mind that has spread through mass hypnosis, until the majority believes it to be real. Death and dying and decay have never been God’s will. Eternal life is intended now, not after we die.

Death is optional. If we move into ascension our cells will become quickened and flooded with Spirit. This is the second birth that is referred to in the Holy Bible. Death is a purification rite. We have made it a reoccurring part of life by our limiting thoughts and imperfection.

Many people associate death and rebirth with a wheel perpetuated by karma. The common belief surrounding karma is a misperception. Nothing in the universe is guilty of a wrongful act because everything is, and always has been, in divine order. If we see with limited vision, it causes a constriction in the etheric body and the energy becomes blocked. As a result, we have to create similar circumstances over and over, until we see clearly. Karma is a dispersal energy that wants to remove constrictions in the universal flow of energy. If we fill ourselves with light, there is no more karma.

We can think of death as a force that rolls against the sphere of light that surrounds the body. Mystical traditions called this force the Tumbler. When we are in harmony with all life, the Tumbler has a hard time causing aging and decay and death. Our sphere remains strong when it is constantly being fed by all of life, then the Tumbler cannot wear it down. If our sphere is weak, it cracks and folds upon itself, resembling the shape of an embryo, and we die. After death our life force stays in the sphere of light anywhere from 3-72 hours and the spirit lingers near the body. When it completely crumbles and all life force leaves, the spirit moves through to the third and fourth overtones of the fourth dimension.

It is our sacred duty to overcome death, setting others free from its grip by paving the way.

Lack of Self-Worth

At the root of many problems is a lack of self-worth and the fear of not measuring up.

The sometimes subtle tyranny our parents hold over us needs to be severed. As an infant, we make the mistake of equating them with God. Then we see this parent-God as withdrawing his love from us when we don’t do exactly as he says. That means we cannot depend on God to love us unconditionally. The churches that claimed God would withdraw His love when we didn’t do what He said, further reinforced this concept. This type of tyranny makes us believe we need to live up to other’s expectations to survive or be loved.

This sets the stage for competition because we are afraid of not being good enough. This perpetuates the “every man for himself” mentality that has dominated society.

Another fallacy we bought into is that our body should look a certain way. For example, we may think our stomach is too big. Who told us it is better to have a flat stomach? Who set these guidelines? Learn to love and honor every piece of the body. It is the temple that houses the soul. It is sacred and perfect–just the way it is.

The concept of not measuring up is an illusion given by those who wish to control us. Not one of us has been short changed. Our Higher Self gave us exactly what we need to fulfill our destiny

Fear of Destitution

The fear of destitution isn’t determined by our income. It is due to a lack of understanding how we manifest abundance.

People who behave selfishly and with greed think they have to grab from others because nobody else is going to take care of them. They are overlooking the fact that they are in charge of their own sustenance.

We manifest continually, whether consciously or unconsciously. The preferred method is to do it consciously. Unaware people manifest by default and their limiting thoughts and dysfunctional pieces create a seeming lack of abundance. If we aren’t having abundance, it is due to blocked perception. Perception attracts a similar vibration. Therefore, what we believe occurs. That is the basis of faith: a mindset reproduces itself – the sixth Creational Power.

Perfect creation is accomplished through the heart, using love. Thoughts fall into the reservoir of the heart and act upon the substance of things hoped for. The substance of things hoped for is a delicate energy that is everywhere in existence, even in what we call the Void. (Technically there is no such thing as the Void because everything is within the Infinite’s awareness.)

Emotion fuels manifestation. If our perception is one of victimhood, the emotion it creates is I need help or to be fixed. This creates more circumstances where we are going “to need” assistance from others.

The Five Laws of Abundance

  1. Give that you may get: If you hoard money, you dam up the flow. Give money to the beggar in the street; a flower for a co-worker; a candle for yourself. As you give, the Infinite has to give too and it opens the sluices of supply.

  2. Money is love: If someone charges us $1,000 for a bottle of water, we have to discern whether we wish to manifest the money to pay for it. Is it worth it to us? If it isn’t, then simply release it, with no judgment or resentment. Love is inclusive, so if we pretend money is love, it ripples outward until it includes all of creation. Therefore, all of creation’s abundance is ours. It is a law that multiplies. On the other hand, if we view money as separate from us – something we need to get because we don’t have any – it accentuates lack.

  3. Sowing and reaping: There is always the option of working an extra job. However, sowing to reap is the least of the laws when our perception is locked on the result to acquire money. There is nothing inappropriate about working one job or five, what matters is our attitude towards them. The higher law is: we don’t sow that we may reap; we simply sow because we have seeds in our hands.

  4. Bloom where you are planted: Create the mold by being specific about what we want16 and then release it, so it may be filled. In the meantime, it doesn’t matter that we are dishwashers and we want to be doctors. The key is to bloom where we are planted. We are in this job and the dishwashing is in front of us, so we dedicate that work to God. The gates of heaven will open for us if we take whatever we have as a task and perform it gloriously.

  5. Gratitude is an expansive attitude: There is an ancient scripture that says, “Unto he who is grateful shall be added one hundred-fold, and he shall be made glorious.” Gratitude increases the flow of abundance. When we say, “Thank you, Spirit,” with genuine gratitude, it goes to the heart of There is a difference between “want” and “need”. A want is merely a preference, whereas a need is the result of seeing an outside thing, person or circumstance as essential for us to be complete. the Divine. Our gratitude opens the windows of heaven and abundance pours through. When we send forth gratitude, the universe returns it by giving us more to be grateful for. Gratitude stems from realizing that God sends us either lessons or gifts, and they are both the same.

If our only goal is making money, then we will be limited with that as our only exchange. It is a better plan to leave the universe in our debt. If we do so, the universe has to pay us, and it is going to do one of two things. Either it is going to pay us with money or with increased power and knowledge. Many healers who do their work for money only, become stuck at that level of ability. It is necessary in this society to have a flow of income, and charging for spiritual gifts is acceptable, as long as we realize that will be our reward. We may want to consider giving some of our spiritual gifts for free, in addition to our usual spiritual work, in order to keep the flow of money, or increased abilities, coming.

If we leave the universe in our debt, it is always equalized. State the amount of money you want to flow to you each month and allow Spirit to deliver it from whomever or whatever means it finds. Have the faith to know that the money will find its way to you, so you can relax and freely give some of your gifts and abilities. If you do this lovingly, Spirit will reward you with increased knowledge and capabilities. The principle of tithing is based upon this law.

This style of manifesting utilizes the creating of a vacuum. For example, if you need a pair of pantyhose. Say, God, please help me get the pantyhose, and open the vacuum within by creating the want. When you do that, the universe will rush in to fill it. The next day, someone will hand you a pair of pantyhose.

This isn’t focusing on lack. It is establishing a desire with hopeful anticipation. In I Corinthians 13 it says, Now shall remain faith, hope and charity. The principle of hope is generally misunderstood. It is a form of waiting for a mold we have created to be filled. Firstly, it is important not to come from need, but from want. It is merely stating our preference. Once you are clear with your intent, state what you want in great detail. If we don’t get the pantyhose, that is fine. We will wear the shoes without them.

While we wait with a knowingness that it will manifest, act as if we already have it. Visualize yourself using this object or personal characteristic with great love, stating how wonderful it is and how grateful you are to have it. This technique is highly effective because like attracts like.

Declaring the desire, fueling it with emotion, and giving birth to the creation are right-brain, feminine aspects of manifesting. It needs to be balanced with the left-brain, masculine aspects of discipline and structure, which is keeping the focus, applying will, learning to make money grow and setting boundaries with money so we don’t leak this crystallized form of energy. This is stewardship.

For example, a woman may effortlessly manifest money. Consequently, she may adhere to the philosophy that if somebody genuinely needs money, she gives it. She doesn’t worry that she has just given away the grocery and gas money because she knows she can manifest more. So she gives and gives. Eventually, she will find herself in debt because the flow needs to be balanced with management. This is to mirror that she needs to develop the skill of harnessing money and become a good steward.

According to the rules of good stewardship, we have to consider whether giving money to solve others’ money problems is being co-dependent. Beyond that, she may be seeing them as victims and not honoring the fact that they created this situation to learn a lesson. We need to make sure our money, which is universal energy, flows freely, but at the same time, we have to be careful not to feed another’s self-image of lack.

Another way people perpetuate the image of lack is by asking, “Can I afford this?” That implies a mindset that says, “I am limited.” Although I am not suggesting we buy a million-dollar yacht if our annual income is $25,000, it does mean that we spend within our general budget without worrying about every dime of every purchase. The goal is that the energy surrounding the purchase be one of abundance and gratitude — knowing the money is there and when those dollars are spent, more will rush in to fill the vacuum.

Make sure your buying isn’t due to un-recapitulated areas in your life. For example, you had a favorite red coat as a child and your mother gave it to another child who was cold and didn’t own a coat. As an adult, you now buy two red coats for your daughter. If this purchase reawakens pleasant memories of how glorious you felt in your red coat, that is fine. If it stems from a buried resentment or a compensatory motive, it is causing you to react and you may wish to release it.

The payoff for taking charge of our own sustenance is that we cease to need, and when we cease to need, we become uncontrollable.

Learning to Conserve Energy

All initial energy goes to access left brain and only surplus energy goes to access right brain. When we conserve energy through bringing order to the thoughts of left-brain, we have enough energy to access right-brain and it is the right-brain that accesses the unknown, which is 11/12ths of what can be known by man.

Choose your Battles Wisely

Losing energy is losing power, so carefully choose your battles. The majority of battles aren’t worth fighting because the results aren’t worth having. The only thing worth fighting is the illusion that hides clarity of perception. Don’t view anything as a problem, but rather see it as a challenge that potentially holds the gift of power.

The decision to engage in an outer battle is done from a place of inner stillness with no personal agenda. It is a simple law that whatever we send out, comes back. If we intend to harm, we open ourselves to receiving harm. The only time it is appropriate to curtail a plan or bind another is when specifically instructed by Spirit. We won’t be asked to do this unless we are free of personal agendas and not attached to outcome.

The valid battles are always to release the mystery of our beingness, it may only appear to be with another. When faced with a challenge, analyze whether this battle has an underlying lesson that you need to extract. If so, does it need to be fought now? The key is being able to cut through the drama to what is really going on. Then we can determine whether a response is needed. If the reward isn’t worth the output of energy, we don’t enter the battle.

If we haven’t developed enough skill, it would be inappropriate and possibly dangerous to take on certain tyrants. The best choice may be to turn away. Making the decision to engage is like being an ocean surfer: we see which waves are ours and which are not; we don’t ride every wave.

The challenge is seeing behind the appearances of the problems that arise in our life. When we see the lesson that the problem brings, it alters our perception and perception yields power.

Things that Drain Energy

Identifying debilitating patterns that cause energy leaks is crucial. We find these patterns by watching for knee-jerk reactions. Following are some potential problem areas to check.


Relationships that no longer hold a lesson can drain energy so we need to assess which ones are genuinely serving us. We are either expanding or contracting at all times. If someone makes us contract, discern whether he or she has a lesson. If not, release the relationship and move on. If they do have a lesson to offer, the highest choice is to welcome the challenge because if we ignore it, it will manifest in another relationship. Have you noticed repetitive patterns in relationships? The only way to break the pattern is to embrace the insights the challenges yield. Co-dependent relationships cause a huge loss of energy. This is when we are trying to control others or trying to please them. We attempt to control others when we fear change and are desperately trying to make someone fit into our world view. We attempt to please others when we allow their expectations to determine our actions. An example is every time our mother comes over, we work extra hard because the little girl inside wants approval.

Not only do we desire to control others and the environment, but we spend a lot of time trying to ‘relate to’ events and people. For example, if we see a toy in a garage sale, we may say, “I had one of those.” If we hear a song we say, “I wish I could sing beautifully,” or “I can sing better than he can.” This habit reinforces the separatism of the ego.

If we have gained our lessons and set boundaries with difficult people in our lives, and they continue to breach our boundaries, it is appropriate to release these people—even bloodline family members. It is okay to choose a new family that vibrates harmoniously with who we are. Others are waiting to play the role of being our mother, father, sibling or grandparent, who will do so from a loving and healthy position.

Ordinary Things

Everyday items and interactions can adversely interfere with our energy fields and physiology. The following things weaken our auric field and make it permeable by lower-level beings or negative energy:

  • Alcohol, drugs, nicotine, excessive caffeine

  • Electric blankets, radio towers and fans

  • Microwaves, TVs and cellular phones

  • Sex with a partner who vibrates at a lower energetic level

  • Unresolved emotional and mental conflicts


Drugs prevent us from feeling pain, but they also prevent us from accessing light. People who use drugs, including dental narcotics and marijuana, have a thick grayish mucous in their etheric body that hangs around the head and over the heart. Heavy drugs can also cause distortions in the mental bodies.

People who have used marijuana a long time or heavy-duty drugs even a few times, have overactive adrenal glands. This pushes them into a constant state of anxiety because the body interprets the spurts of adrenaline as a response to fear. They then use more drugs to calm themselves. Continued drug abuse causes the adrenal system to become dominant, when the goal is to have the pituitary system and the heart center be dominant because that is the natural condition when we are in balance. A fully functioning pituitary gland provides us with visions and insight.


Noise pulls us out of the present moment and pushes us into a state of imbalance. It is essential that we have silence. When we are in a place of silence the heart chakra opens. It also enables us to connect with the primordial earth (a time prior to manmade noises) which is very healing.

Noise is increasing tenfold every 20 years. It has become so insidious that many people aren’t aware that they are constantly bombarded. Take note of your environment and see if you can acquire more silence. Check your refrigerator and the heating system. Are fans running? Does your wristwatch beep? Do you allow the dog to bark constantly? Does your computer beep or talk to you? Does the car signal you with jingles and blares?

Those disconnected from their subpersonalities cannot stand silence. They enter a room or get in the car and immediately turn on the TV, radio, or stereo. They go into the wilderness and take along music, claiming they don’t want to become bored. In actuality, they want a distraction so they don’t have to face the emptiness inside that silence might reveal.


Surprise drains energy. The unexpected and the unknown can pull us out of balance, so we need to approach things with equanimity. When presented with the unexpected, role-play and act “as if” we already know, even when baffled. We merely form a hypothesis stating, “This might be true,” and then we wait. This is a stalling technique to gain the time to center ourselves, see behind the appearances, and discern whether action is needed. This is developing an attitude that enables us to constantly guard our energy so we are less likely to be preyed upon by those who wish to steal it. Everything requires energy, so it is the most sought after commodity in the universe.


We cannot define ourselves by who we have been. We must define ourselves by who we are becoming, and we are becoming masters of light. Consequently, we cannot insult the god and goddess within by saying derogatory things: I am poor at math; I am scared of mice; I am ugly; or I am terrible with managing money. That was yesterday — redefine yourself today. All knowledge is within us. All talents are within us. All beauty. All power. Watch your words and only speak those that reflect who you are. (A good rule is to never follow the words “I am” with anything negative – including the word “sorry.”)


If we are obsessing about the what, why and how of every thought and action, we are indulging ourselves. This bends the energy lines inward and places us in a weakened state. Obsessing about the questions brings the baggage of the past moment into this moment, meaning we aren’t traveling lightly enough to do the powerful work of transformation. For example, if you are traveling 70 mph in bumper-tobumper rush-hour traffic and a truck attempts to sideswipe your car, you jerk the steering wheel to the left and barely squeeze between two automobiles in the fast lane. The few seconds following the incident are critically important. If you fall into self-reflection and say, “Wow, that could have been a serious accident. That man was trying to kill me!” and continue to mull it over, you are losing too much energy. Therefore, you won’t be prepared for the next moment. Twenty seconds later, he does it again. Are you centered and ready to respond masterfully, or are you still shaken and feeling afraid? Which state you are in may determine whether you survive the second attempt.

Self-reflection includes feeling sorry for ourselves: nobody pays any attention to me; my boss doesn’t know how valuable I am; and nobody understands me. The other aspect is giving ourselves labels and comparing ourselves to others. With comparisons, if we say we are less than another, it is worshipping another’s arrogance.

We straighten energy lines by embracing life with awareness in the moment. This causes the energy around our bodies to radiate outward. The self-centered person constantly engaged in self-reflection, bends these energy lines inward. This causes decay and eventual death.

A Master is Self-referring

A master is self-referring for his approval, so he doesn’t react to other’s words or actions. He knows not to expect approval from the majority. Society lives by tradition and world views. In fact, society is a society because of its attachment to those world views. A master has released these views and so society rejects him.

Conditioned Life vs Un-conditioned Life

The “conditioned life” cannot grow beyond certain limits because it is imprisoned by world views and social conditioning. It is better to strive for an “unconditioned life” because it conserves energy. This energy is now available to us and can be used to access the noncognitive information of right brain, which reveals the unknown, and eventually, the unknowable.

The Person Living a Conditioned Life

  • Has fixed expectations as to what life should be

  • Anticipates and attempts to determine the future

  • Is trapped by defending their world view’s validity

  • Believes their life path is determined by social conditioning. They pretend to search for truth when in actuality they are searching for that which further reinforces their existing beliefs.

  • Depends on predetermined causes and results

  • Has a fossilized consciousness that doesn’t flow. Rigid consciousness blocks energy.

  • Takes a great deal of energy to sustain because it is based on illusion

  • Accesses reality through world views and social conditioning, so life is full of ruts and habits

The Person Living an Un-conditioned Life

  • Accepts life moment by moment as it comes, without expectations

  • Allows the future to come to them, realizing that a planned future is a closed one.

  • Accepts the validity of all paths

  • Realizes their life path is determined by working together with the Higher Self. God’s will becomes their will.

  • Is spontaneous and innovative

  • Possesses a fluid consciousness that draws in energy by becoming new each moment

  • Doesn’t require much energy to sustain, therefore, people stay young and rejuvenated

  • Accesses reality through insights gained from experiences, so life reveals itself anew every moment.

Dealing with Conflicts

From the Book Journey to the Heart of God

If one is walking a path of impeccability, it is imperative to suspend judgment when some seeming offense or disagreement occurs until we have obtained clarity. For example, some acquaintance hurts our feelings, but we realize that words can mislead. We therefore ask, “What did you mean when you said …?” or “Why do you say such and such?” This is not asked in judgment, for no conclusion has been reached, but rather with an attitude of neutrality.

When we have ascertained the true meaning of what was said through feeling the intent behind the words and getting as much clarity as possible, we can proceed. Does it still bring our hackles up or create a knee-jerk reaction? If it does, we need to ask whether it is important enough to resolve with the other person or is it merely one of our ‘buttons’ that were pushed in order for us to examine some event in our own life that is waiting to yield its insights and power.

If it is important, however, it needs to be addressed. Here are some guidelines on how to decide what is important enough to merit confrontation:

  • When there is hurtful intent or destructiveness;

  • When it is injurious to the inner child, disrespectful to the sacred world of the inner sage or belittling to the inner nurturer;

  • When it violates our privacy or our sacred space;

  • When it violates our mutual agreement or trust or is dishonest in any way;

  • When it belittles us or suppresses expressing our individuality or causes us to have to be less than we are;

  • When it attempts to manipulate, control or dominate us;

  • When it criticizes or accuses us. If it fits into one of the above or a similar scenario, the following approach should be used:

  • Within our relationships all feelings are valid (meaning we do not criticize someone for feeling a certain way);

  • All emotions should find a safe place for expression;

  • Phrases such as “You always”, “You never” and “Why do you?” (when the latter is not a question but a disguised accusation) should be prohibited;

  • Neither words nor emotions should be used to attack or manipulate;

  • When someone is in the grip of uncontrollable rage, there should be pre-existing coping mechanisms established. They are to wash their face and hands and engage in strenuous activity (exercise bike, jogging, etc.) to organize their thoughts before expressing them;

  • Writing letters that are not dispatched is also a productive form of communication where there are rage issues. Feelings must be expressed and a solution proposed by the confronting person. This may have to be done a few times before achieving results. “When you do this, I feel this. Is it possible that in future we can try such and such?”

The appropriate way for the other person to respond is to first make sure they understand. “Are you saying that …?” If they acknowledge that a change in behavior is appropriate, it is advisable to create a backup plan since deep-seated habits are hard to break. “Can we have a secret hand gesture or phrase to remind you when old habits creep in?” or, “Could I pull you aside to remind you?”

If instead the other person starts venting, sit absolutely still and let it run its course until it is spent. Then repeat what you said, always bringing the conversation back to the relevant point. If this does not work, write it out and request a written response within a few days. If this fails to resolve the issue, the four steps of conflict resolution, discussed later in this chapter, are introduced (in writing if needed).

Should the disagreement persist, there are only three choices remaining:

  1. Evaluate whether what you have in common contributes sufficiently to your life for you to continue to put up with the differences. If the differences are more significant, either sever the relationship or be prepared for ongoing discomfort;
  2. Flow around the obstacles because the relationship has been determined to be worth saving. Be creative. He embarrasses you in public? Create a private world for your interaction and make as many public appearances as possible alone. It is never a good idea to force round pegs into square holes;
  3. Change your attitude. Even if you do the damage control suggested in #2 there are still going to be odd times when the offensive behavior will happen. Lift yourself above the situation like the eagle that flies above the world. Envision yourself sitting in an insulating bubble of pinkish purple light, holding your inner child and talking to it during the occurrence. It is never to the benefit of indwelling life to accept the unacceptable. It is also eroding to have many ‘little’ occurrences happen day in and day out. How diligently is the person working on improving him or herself? All these factors must be taken into consideration in coming to a final conclusion. Another helpful tool is to picture enduring this behavior for the next ten years and weigh it against the positive aspects of the relationship.

Left and Right Brain Ascension Methods

Left brain and right brain ascension methods. Types of Naguals and the four directions. Expanding vision, left brain confusion and surrender. Shed that which does not serve. More perception is more evolution – perception is the left brain method. Pure feelings as non-cognitive information. Right brain techniques utilize love, praise and gratitude (fourteen days of one of these fully catapults you into ascension). Emotions based on desire. What makes an ascension attitude: emotion is horizontal, perception is vertical; an attitude is a combination of both. Awareness gained by love, praise and gratitude in your heart.

Ascension Traps and Pitfalls

As we follow the path of ascension, there are a few traps and pitfalls we need to be aware of.

The Four Ascension Traps:

1. Ignoring the Unknown

Anything that doesn’t conform to an existing belief system is dismissed, ridiculed or attacked. “Oh, that didn’t happen,” is a common statement used in overlooking unexplainable events. For example, a woman saw a deva in my backyard. Since the idea of a deva didn’t fit into her belief system, she devised an elaborate explanation. A few minutes later she declared that it was an electronic hummingbird traveling along a wire.

Making excuses to dismiss the unknown is the pacifying of reason. Many people say they are seeking truth, when in actuality, they are seeking to confirm their existing world view. It may be expressed as ridicule. Many are scared of anything they cannot rationally explain and that may come forth as an outburst of anger.

People hold on tightly to their belief systems. It is sometimes difficult for us to understand that a loved one would rather die than be healed. If they were healed, they would be forced to change their belief system. At times it is easier for us to accept people clinging to their belief system if we realize it is all they have. It is their identity and they are prepared to die for it.

If we are busy arguing away the unknown, we fail to receive the lesson at hand and it may have been the one designed to push us to our next level of growth.

2. Thinking we Already Know

We cannot take the unknown at face value or we will fall into the trap of thinking we know. The future, people, and words are part of the unknown. For example, what we think people say is frequently not what they are trying to convey. Their truth remains hidden. This applies to a description of an experience as well. We may have had a similar experience but that doesn’t mean we know what that individual felt or thought because he may have an entirely different world view than us. Approach the unknown by feeling the true meaning with your heart.

To the average person, trap number two provides a feeling of comfort. He thinks he knows everything. Even those who are open-minded may say, “I may not know everything, but I do know what isn’t possible.”

3. Obsessing about the Questions

Obsessively asking questions drains our energy. An example of this is the questions that may have occurred to the woman who saw the “electronic hummingbird”: A deva? What kind of deva? How do we know it is a deva? Could it be something else? If they really exist, why is this the first time I have seen one? Do other people see them too?

Most of the universe is unknowable. If we obsess about the unknowable, we miss the mysteries revealed by being in the moment. If our mind is cluttered with questions, we aren’t still enough to receive guidance and insights.

If we accept that we live in an incomprehensible universe then we stay open and flow with life. If an obstacle comes up, we flow around it. We have no expectations of the world. We are innocently experiencing life as we go along.

4. Giving Our Power to Guides

Lightworkers need to be careful not to give their power away. Over the centuries, we have given our power to governments, religious groups, bosses, parents and even lovers. Unfortunately, Light workers also give their power to guides and spirit helpers. One man has a guide that tells him how to live. It says, “Don’t let your son go out, his mother is going to call soon. Tomorrow your boss is going to want that paper you’ve neglected. I think you should take an umbrella, it is going to rain.” This is interference, not assistance.

High-dimensional guides won’t tell us how to live or make our day-today decisions. They will present options and light the way, but they won’t interfere with our free will. Generally, they come when we seek them through communication and ceremony, but they may appear unsolicited if the timing is urgent, such as an emergency. They won’t rob us of our ability to make mistakes, since these mistakes are our greatest teachers.

Sometimes guides from lower dimensions tell us these things to make us depend on them because they feed on our energy. Information isn’t a good exchange for energy since many guides will tell us what they think we want to know. It is crucial to understand that lower-dimensional guides can only tell us knowledge that already exists on the planet, meaning ultimately, we already have access to it. Light workers are falling into this trap due to ego. It makes them feel important that someone comes to them for advice. People are attracted to channelers because they don’t believe they can access the information themselves. Consequently, they seek answers through anyone who has any level of guidance. Sadly, they often blindly accept the information, never asking whence it came. It is okay for us to demand to know who is speaking to us, however, they often call themselves by a name that appeals to us. We can set boundaries and declare that only high-dimensional beings are allowed to communicate with us.

We need to exercise our intuition and apply discernment at all times, with all information. Don’t take anything at face value and feel everything with your heart.

The Four Ascension Pitfalls:

1. Fear

When we release ego identification and activate Godmind, we realize we are all things, but before we fully grasp that, we will experience being no-thing. We find ourselves standing alone and it can be disconcerting the first time we realize, “I am nothing. I know nothing, and I live in nothing I can understand.” This may put us in fear as we feel either too expanded or too contracted. This fear may feel like being in the bottom of an abyss and many Light workers will shut down at this point.

Another common fear is the unknown. Most people are afraid of change and if they are pushed too quickly, they may turn against the one they see as bringing change.

For example, a teacher can inadvertently do this. If he is delivering a higher level of information than the student is prepared to receive, the student may turn against the teacher rather than admit he isn’t willing to take the next step. This also happens if a student hasn’t released ego identification and the teacher prompts him toward a threshold and he doesn’t succeed. If he has attachments to pride, his ego may be wounded and rather than try again, he may slander the teacher. It takes great courage to embrace the unknown aspects of ourselves.

2. Addiction to Challenge

When we start to see behind appearances, we know that we contain everything within that we need to meet the challenges of life. These challenges alter our perception and perception yields the gift of power, so we may find ourselves seeking them with an attitude of “bring it on!” This is being addicted to challenge. After we release the addiction and deal only with the challenges that are truly the next step on our path, we gain an inner quietness and confidence. We no longer need to prove ourselves to anyone—not even our self.

3. Power

Within the challenge of power we reach the ultimate choice which is called the ‘road of high adventure.’ It is the place where we can perform great miracles. We have the ability to do showy things like making rattles fly or invoking balls of light to float around the room. If we become addicted to power by doing grand miracles, we become stuck. Many medicine men end up here because it is such an intoxicating place to be.

The other choice is to be humble enough to become a student again. This allows for growth. The student wants to go further because he knows power isn’t the goal. It is merely a tool to facilitate our next step. To the student who possesses clarity, nothing short of the ultimate freedom from mortal boundaries will do. Power has been described as one of the biggest pitfalls in the universe. If someone acquires power and doesn’t have self-esteem, the temptation to abuse it is very intense. We cannot utilize power to obtain results that will benefit our personal intentions only, it has to be for the good of all. Remember, the universe won’t entrust limitless power to those who haven’t mastered themselves. The lesson behind the test of power is that we don’t use power unless instructed in the stillness of our mind and without attachment to results. If we don’t have attachment to results, there is no temptation to abuse power.

4. Relaxing into Old Age

Old age can happen in any year. It is the point at which we accept our power and can sit back and feel we have arrived.

Many sages who have fully disconnected from ego and gone from the place of emptiness into the place of fullness, surrender to the bliss within. They allow themselves to sit next to horrific conditions and simply be. They prefer to be alone because in their aloneness they don’t have to keep coming back to the human point of condition. In this state, the knowledge that ‘all is in divine order’ may be taken to extremes. Examples of this include their not caring whether: they are alive or not; they sleep or not; and whether they eat or not.

It is an enormous temptation to remain in that addictive place of bliss and cease human activity. The problem is the power we have gained fritters through our hands like sand and we lose it. Also, there is no impetus for growth.Instead of sinking into complacency, if we make a 180-degree turn and plunge back into the human experience, we are able to slip past death. At this point, new life force flows in, reversing the aging cycle, and we are set free from mortal boundaries.

The Three Gates of Ascension

For us to be able to wield power that could adversely affect other kingdoms, it is necessary that we have mastered ourselves and fully understand that in the eyes of God, all are equal.

Many shamanic traditions have tried to force their way into power using intense rituals, but there is a limit to the results these efforts can produce. There are no boundaries to one who perfects his or her character and seeks to become one with God.

As we climb the mountain of ascension we find ourselves going through three initiations. They appear as gates: the gate of love, gate of wisdom, and gate of power. Unbeknownst to the initiate, his Higher Self designs a series of tests to see if he has mastered certain perceptions.

When he successfully proves himself, the universe bestows gifts on him. The trials designed to test our perception and the resulting gifts are what comprise an initiation.

1. The Gate of Love

The requirement for passing through this gate is the heart-felt recognition of the validity of every life form as a reflection of the Infinite. We must also fully understand that all of life is interconnected, meaning every overcoming enriches all life and every destructive act weakens the whole. Another aspect of interconnectedness is that our environment mirrors our inner state of mind (and becomes a guiding force as one learns to read it).

This reverence towards life must be extended to our beloved mother, the Earth. We need to acknowledge her sentience and cultivate a relationship with her. This ensures that we become aware of how our actions may effect her.

When this state of harmlessness has been achieved, the initiate may, without fully realizing, walk through the gate of love. He may have a peak experience but not fully grasp the ramifications. Nonetheless, a profound change has taken place and we may notice we are filled with empathy for the suffering of the Earth and our tears flow for the suffering of man and disrespect to animals. We may even cry from being overwhelmed by the beauty of mankind and the world around us. Developing within us is a melting compassion because we know that behind the twisted emotions of others, lies the pain of alienation. This enables us to embrace the folly of mankind.

In light of this compassion that forgives all and the empathy that understands all, others spontaneously heal, and we find ourselves walking in grace: things effortlessly fall into place and animals respond differently to us because they know they are in the presence of love.

2. The Gate of Wisdom

To enter this gate, we have to be free from the traps that blind men. When we take things at face value, we fall into the trap of thinking we know. That blocks us from receiving new information and results in distorted perception.

We need to acknowledge that from our perspective, most of the universe is unknowable. That means we don’t know the mystery of life. Those who grasp this concept are ever watchful to read the signs of the environment and wait with abated judgment until they receive the necessary information or insights. These people are free to receive the energy that would have otherwise been utilized to maintain their world views.

Words are another trap. Reason cannot hope to capture the essence of that which they describe, and they lull us into a false sense of understanding. When we understand that words can be deceitful, we start feeling others’ words with our hearts, looking for the underlying meaning.

Another prerequisite to entering the gate of wisdom is inner silence. This is achieved by not obsessing about the questions. When the need to know has been silenced, the heart guides us with pure feelings that enable us to access the unknown. Recapitulation further silences the internal dialogue and within the silence, all is possible. Truth starts to reveal itself effortlessly when it is no longer barred by the fanatical activity of the left brain trying to defend its world views.

Similarly to the gate of love, some who pass through the gate of wisdom may not understand what it means at the time it occurs. Others may be jolted by it. Either way, the results filter through one’s life like gold dust that has been spread upon the wind. In quietness and in confidence, information pours forth into our consciousness. At this point, one is no longer an initiate but has passed into the level of an adept. Rational thinking requires a lot of energy, whereas effortless knowing doesn’t. We will find that Spirit is whispering answers to assist with our next step. Since we can hear the Universe guiding us, we no longer feel alone. We stop seeking the meaning of life. We lie back in the arms of Spirit and the ‘peace that passeth understanding’ enters our life.

3. The Gate of Power

The gate of wisdom provides increased energy that is now discharged to us in the form of direct power. The preceding gates prepared us for the enhanced perception necessary to use power. The prerequisite for the gate of power is that we must become a perception seeker rather than a power seeker. As described earlier, the perception seeker has ceased to need and knows he is his own source of power.

One who isn’t supported by his or her sub-personalities could fall prey to the intoxicating temptation to use powers for the aggrandizement of himself. That is why this gate is positioned close to the top of the mountain.

Once we have entered this gate we notice miracles occurring, instant manifestation of thoughts, and increasing synchronicities. However, there is a learning curve with miracles. At first, miracles are only visible to the performer. When we pass the test of not needing to persuade others for the sake of approval, our power grows and we can openly show a life of miracles. We know that all power is within us. It only requires attention and intention to direct its course.

The Two Stages of Ascension

At the top of the mountain when the lightning flash of consciousness awakens us to the grand realization that we are all things, we look back with astonishment at how far we have come. Realization dawns that the journey that brought us to this point traversed two different terrains; we passed through Two Stages of Ascension.

1. Life Eternal

The first stage culminates in an insight that death has no hold on us. It is a result of painstakingly rejecting the world view that old age and death are a necessity. When we shed the past and balance our emotional components, we unveil that our birthright is joy. The joy awakens in us the three Ascension Attitudes that change the vibration within the cells, like a new song being sung. This creates a noticeable change in the vibration of our body that can be physically felt. The new song of the cells replaces the old programming. We find that remnants of unresolved trauma from the past disappear. As mentioned in the scriptures, “the years eaten by the locust” are restored to us.

This cellular song of gladness has to mirror back to us in our environment. This frequently results in losing old institutions, such as friends, jobs, and other situations that no longer serve us. The fear that we might falter vanishes since ample evidence has revealed itself that we are walking in a state of grace. At this point, aging ceases for we have mastered the atomic elements of the body. If on a rare occasion negativity travels through our cells, we can physically feel the shock to our system. We may experience nausea, trembling and weakness to the degree that we may faint or lose consciousness.

2. Life More Abundant

The second stage reached after we have passed through the gate of power is “life more abundant”. It is a place of expanded awareness that knows it isn’t the body. It has learned to love without pain, to work without attachment to outcome, and to see the perfection underlying appearances.

During this stage we have mastered not only the atomic elements, but the environment as well. The endocrine system of the body reveals its hidden qualities and we start to live beyond mortal boundaries.

The treasure chest of hidden gems has been opened, and one of its great gifts is that even the effects of our past “wrong doings” are erased. All karma is removed since restrictions in the universal flow of energy no longer exist within the Seven Bodies. That means events attached to these constrictions also heal. In this way, we affect not only the future, but the past as well, and even those who have borne the consequences of our misperceptions benefit. At the apex of the mountain, we can come and go with the speed of thought and our life of miracles takes on an even deeper meaning.

Ascension Attitudes

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Gratitude requires awareness. Interpreting dream symbols. Setting intentions for the day, living in praise. Full attention to the moment. Living life in a poem. The body in full awareness of gratitude. The law of abundance is gratitude. Praise is an attitude of upward living. States of praise. The left brain deals with known, the right brain with the non-cognitive unknown. Do not save, but assist. Loving self. Types of relationships. The DNA Rose. Three core ascension attitudes. Living in eternal time. Generosity. Poise. Stillness. Reverence for the Earth. Defining others by what they are becoming.

Connecting the Subpersonalities

From the Book A Life of Miracles

Within each of us is a nurturer, child, adult (includes the sexual persona and warrior), and a sage. When these subpersonalities are connected and allowed expression, we have a happy, stable, inner family. Our inner family enables us to love and fulfill ourselves so the pain of separation abates. The resulting self-sufficiency makes us uncontrollable and unable to be manipulated by others.

The subpersonalities are the emotional components and acquiring balance between them is crucial to stop co-dependent patterns with others. If we overlook this, we could mistakenly use our personal power to manipulate others to fill the gaps that we should be filling. When the inner family is connected we are never alone so we are secure within ourselves. This means we are no longer emotionally dependent on others, so we stop reacting and start responding to people and circumstances.

It is important to keep our subpersonalities happy, whole and expressed, but many Light workers tend to overlook this. They are too busy and when time is devoted to spiritual practices, they prefer to study advanced esoteric information. But before we can become a powerful master of light, we must be present in the moment, and the only way to be fully present is by having the subpersonalities hooked up. (We aren’t going anywhere without our inner family!)

Balancing the subpersonalities is essential prior to balancing the minds. It represents the horizontal alignment that precedes the vertical alignment. In ancient Egypt, the initiate going through the side temples to reconnect the subpersonalities prior to entering the Great Pyramid reflected this.

We were deliberately disconnected from our subpersonalities by the undeveloped light as a means of control because if we become scattered and dysfunctional, we are powerless.

When the subpersonalities are expressed, we have a self-supporting system that allows us to be in the moment—the place of power. Reconnecting the subpersonalities is the quickest way to reach a state of joy. At that point we are clear of agendas and cease to need so we can freely give. This is when miracles begin to happen.

The Inner Nurturer

The nurturer is the parent of our inner child. It offers comfort and support and sets healthy boundaries for the inner child to function within. It makes sure the inner child is given time to play and express itself. When we parent ourselves, we are no longer controllable by parental figures, and this includes authoritative institutions.

The dysfunctional nurturer nurtures everybody else — forsaking the self. The child is ignored because the nurturer isn’t present. It also sets itself up as a judge.

If we accept that we live in an incomprehensible universe then we stay open and flow with life. If an obstacle comes up, we flow around it. We have no expectations of the world. We are innocently experiencing life as we go along.

If we didn’t have good parents, we can become them for ourselves. We can heal childhood injustices and abuse by providing our inner child a happy childhood now. We also do this by healing our timeline.

‘How to’ hint: Imagine yourself standing in the center of a figure eight with the future being the loop in front of you and the past being the loop behind you. As described earlier, the intersecting point is at the life force center. To access the past, visualize yourself walking the loop behind you, counterclockwise, beginning with this year and rolling time backward. Stop when you reach the year you wish to alter. Visualize yourself being the ideal parent for your inner child. Fill in as many details as possible: say loving, comforting and inspirational things; play together; watch movies together; and talk your child through difficult times. Return to the present when you wish, but continue visiting the child until you feel it is strong enough to cope. Physically do as many things as possible that were missing from your childhood.

For example, a woman had alcoholic parents and as a child she had to be the adult of the family. Consequently, she never got to play. She had always dreamed of having a tea party, so a friend bought her two beautiful porcelain dolls and this adult woman now has tea parties. It is never too late to have a great childhood!

It is also never too late to have a good parent or to become one for your physical children. Use the principle of the timeline and go back and change how you have raised your children. Fill in pleasant memories as if they happened. If the child is perceptive, he or she will notice the energy shift. For instance, if you go back and allow your child full expression rather than telling him to be quiet, you may discover that henceforth, your child has found his voice.

When the nurturer goes awry and becomes a controlling parent it becomes judgmental in words, and actions. Frequently, he or she is the critical perfectionist who comes along behind you to redo or undo what you have done, claiming, “You never do anything right.”

When we are balanced, we may reach a point where we choose to do things as beautifully and perfectly as possible. Then our labor is an act to honor the Divine within. Nature takes thousands of years to perfect the beauty of a flower, so I can take a few seconds longer to make my bed beautifully, or remove dust from the dining room table, or serve my guests with crystal and china.

The Inner Child

The inner child plays and feels. He or she lives innocently and spontaneously.

This child is connected to the web of humanity around the planet. We cannot disconnect from mortality unless we go through the child. That means the inner child needs to be parented by us since even the best parenting is usually faulty since it is done conditionally: if you don’t do what I say, I will punish you; this is right and that is wrong; and you must be socially acceptable or be rejected. When the inner child is nurtured and loved by us, it becomes secure and happy. At that point the earth releases us from the web of mortality, and we can become immortal masters.

The dysfunctional child’s energy lines bend inward, by saying, “I need. I want. Look at me.” He strives to receive attention because he feeds on the energy that focus provides.

The happy child is the joyous being who passionately relishes the moment. Have you noticed how a child may be crying one minute, and the next, a butterfly may flicker by and he chases it with great enthusiasm? That is the healthy inner child. The last minute is past; the next minute isn’t here. We only have now.

The innocence, spontaneity and unconditional love of the inner child keeps energy flowing into the life force center. This freedom of expression allows the inner child to access pure feelings, which is a non-cognitive way of accessing information.

The Inner Adult / Sexual Self / Warrior

We aren’t ready to have an intimate relationship with another until we have one with ourselves. We need to know our inner adult. Many people don’t know what they like. They seem to have lost touch with that part of themselves. When asked what they like, their response is about what used to be. “I used to like riding a bicycle when I was a teenager,” or “the greatest thing in my childhood was camping,” or “I read a lot when I was younger.”

It is important to have a passionate relationship with our adult. Take yourself out on a date for a candlelight dinner, a movie, a walk in the forest, attend an outdoor concert, or go to the park and sketch or paint. Also, pamper yourself. Take an hour-long bubble bath with candles and soothing music. Get a therapeutic massage. Sit under a shade tree by a creek or fountain. Do whatever makes your heart sing. Living passionately pushes back the density. If we spend all our time doing work outside ourselves–even if it is work that may be making the world a better place — the density will eventually suffocate us.

We also need to approve of our sexual self. Many people keep their sexual personas hidden in the closet since they don’t understand them. Our sexual desires and beliefs can seem odd because the blueprints formed very early in our psyche. For example, something quite innocent may have aroused a young boy, such as an adult stroking his hair. He may thereafter, associate someone touching his hair as being sexual. As an adult he may avoid touching other adults and his children on the head.

We have been deliberately disconnected from our sexuality because it contains enormous power and has the capability of elevating us into other dimensions. So we were made to feel guilty towards sexual behavior. This was done through social proprieties—rules of what is appropriate and what isn’t. To distinguish between right and wrong choices regarding sexuality, consider this: the highest choice is the one that most fully reflects who we are, all-knowing, all-powerful, luminous beings of light. A further consideration is that anything that harms another simply cannot be acceptable. The function of the inner warrior is to protect our boundaries and fight anything within that would rob us of power. It guards our thoughts with merciless persistence. The warrior becomes dysfunctional when fighting circumstances in the external world, not realizing that we strengthen that which we oppose and we empower that which we focus on.

The Inner Sage

The duty of the inner sage is to use discernment to keep the other subpersonalities aligned.

For example, if the nurturer turns into a critical parent, the sage steps in and says, “It isn’t your job to judge, but only to love. The child is needing you so merely love him.” Perhaps, in an intimate relationship, the other person may be having a relationship with your needy inner child because your inner adult isn’t hooked up. Then the sage says, “Become that child’s parent so she feels safe. Then honor your adult self so you can have a wholesome relationship.”

When the inner sage is hooked up, it looks for anything that is left in the deeper levels of the subconscious that still needs to be recapitulated. This includes events from other lifetimes. The sage watches the interaction of his family members to see what needs to be flushed out using the tools presented in the initiate level. For example, if the warrior won’t put his weapons down, even though the nurturer declared it is time to rest, the sage will have to explain why fighting is no longer required and why exerting further energy is a waste.

The sage becomes dysfunctional when he looks for truth outside himself. The many multitudes of churches that have sprung up through the ages can attest to man’s search for the divine outside of himself and through designated intermediaries.

Another dysfunction of the sage is when discernment becomes judgment. We separate out dissimilar components, in whatever form they represent themselves, for the sake of being able to apply discernment. However, if we start placing a value on those discernments, then it becomes a judgment.

It happens frequently that one sub-personality usurps the role of another. For example, if the nurturer and adult aren’t present the child becomes homeless and scared. This results in the child appearing at awkward moments. It may show up bewildered or hysterical in a state of emergency, when it is appropriate for the warrior and sage to handle the situation. Another example is when a man’s child may appear when his sexual self should, so he is joking when it is more appropriate to be intimate with his partner. If the child takes over the duties of the warrior, it nags and causes havoc.

The ability of the sage to use discernment doesn’t come into place until the other subpersonalities are balanced. That is why there is an order to the steps of overcoming and releasing.

Gathering Truths

Each of the subpersonalities accesses truth in a unique way. The nurturer gathers it through body truth because it is in tune to the body’s needs, such as when it is tired, needs cleaning, healing or to be pampered.

The child uses feelings as it’s guide. The adult uses the intellect. The warrior uses instinct. The sage uses inner knowing.

Here is an example of how you can use the subpersonalities in making a decision: It is tax time and you owe the government $5,000 that you currently don’t have. You decide to hold a board meeting and call forth your subpersonalities to help you make the best decision on how to come up with the extra funds.

The nurturer is the first to speak. He knows the law of giving, so he says, “Give that you may receive more fully.”

The inner child raises his hand. He knows the law of abundance that declares money as a denser manifestation of love, so he thinks he has the solution. When you call upon him, he says, “We’ll play a game and pretend that money is love. I know taxman is difficult to love, but he is the collective consciousness of this country that we placed there. He is saying, ‘I don’t feel very loveable, therefore, I need all the love from you that I can get.’ Are you going to refuse to share your love and keep it all for yourself? Let’s give taxman the extra love.”

Next is the inner adult. He knows the law of sowing and reaping, so he suggests taking a second job. He admits, “It is going to be hard. I won’t see the kids as often and I’ll be tired, but it will help cover these bills that aren’t getting paid.”

The inner warrior stands up and declares, ‘I’ll give you the strength, because I am your second wind. I will support you through this tough time of working an extra job.”

Then the sexual self says, “I know how to get what you want, you ask for it and while waiting, you focus on what’s in front of you.”

On the other side of the table, sits the sage. He knows the power behind the law of gratitude, so he suggests, “Pay your bills with gratitude. We know there is abuse of the tax money but don’t focus on it. Send your money with the intent that wherever it goes, it will positively change the world. Write each check with gratitude, knowing it will increase the flow, returning to you a hundred-fold.”

How to Make Decisions

To the average, unaware person, the left-brain makes nearly every decision. These decisions are based on social conditioning and logic–the “shoulds” dictated by society.

Some tend to bypass the left brain and make decisions based on their emotions. The joy we experience when we have done something that feels great is the inner child’s way of confirming our choice. We need to be cautious about making decisions based on emotion because it could be the result of a dysfunctional inner child. The only time our feelings are trustworthy is when the subconscious has been cleared out and the inner child connected. Then the emotions can confirm our feelings.

Emotions have desire as their foundation. Once we move into the mastery level and start accessing God-mind, we recognize that we are all things so desire drops away, taking the emotions with it. What we are left with is the ability to access pure feelings. As a consequence, we confirm choices using different techniques.

At this point we act only if it contains lesson that will solve another mystery of our beingness. We don’t search for it – we don’t run from it; the future will take care of itself. All we do is live the present moment and observed the ripples in the tension of our spiderweb. If 10 possibilities present themselves, we need not act until challenged by one that offers potential growth. It isn’t a selfish motive to ask where we can learn the most because if we act on the highest choice, it will benefit everyone and everything around us. The spiderweb of light extends out from our body in all directions across the universe. We use it as a map to expand and contract as we need to when we enter God Consciousness.

We determine this by how many lines intersect one point on our personal spiderweb. Indicators in our environment represent the lines. For example, if you are wondering whether to choose a red or a white car and suddenly 10 red cars in a row drive by the car lot, this is an indicator. Perhaps several unrelated people desire for you to offer private counseling sessions. You trained for it years ago, but didn’t pursue it as an occupation. You have wanted a part-time job but aren’t attached to any one thing. You are waiting for guidance from Spirit to show you your next step. A few days later you bump into an old friend in the grocery store who is moving to Europe for six months. He has an office that will be vacant and offers it to you to use while he is gone. These are all lines intersecting a common point.

When multiple lines intersect one point, then we choose to live the indicated point or not. If we accept it, we place that spot in the center of our spiderweb. Then we align the center of our spiderweb with the center of the universal spiderweb so everything we do is in accordance with the will of God.

When making decisions, it is helpful to know that each of the minds deal with a specific body of information. They do this through the subpersonalities (the warrior, adult and sexual persona are grouped together) gaining experiential knowledge that is then interpreted by it’s respective mind.

The Three Bodies of Information

Information can be divided into the known, the unknown and the unknowable.

The Known

The left brain is responsible for accessing the known, which constitutes 1/12th of that which can be known by man without being in God-consciousness. It uses two tools for this task.

The first is not-doing. It is invaluable in helping us see the big picture because we lift ourselves above the circumstance to gain a broader perspective. It keeps us from becoming hung-up in details. Therefore, it is a tool for applying discernment while making decisions.

When not-doing becomes a constant mode of operation for the left brain, we are embarking on the first stages of disconnecting from ego and entering into God Consciousness. Just prior to entering God Consciousness, it feels as though we are observing our life through a tunnel, from afar.

The second tool left brain uses in decision making is seeing behind the appearances. It is the ability of left brain to pierce the veil of illusion and see the essence of what is really going on. It teaches us to see symbolically, which prevents us from taking things at face value—a trap that could lead to incorrect decisions.

The subpersonality connected with left brain is the warrior, which guards left brain’s thoughts diligently to ensure that it doesn’t think limiting or dis-empowering thoughts that could create adverse circumstances.

The sage has instructed the warrior that thoughts create reality and its job is to ensure that the reality produced by the thoughts is of the highest possible manifestation. The adult contributes its experiences so that the logical mind can form deductions and file the information for future reference. The sexual persona uses the physical merging with another to teach the left brain to surrender its rigid grip on life so it can surrender to God-mind.

The Unknown

It consists of 11/12ths of that which can be known without entering God-mind. It is accessed by right brain, which gathers information from other realms, the future, from unseen guides and allies, by intuiting motives and feelings from other people. It is also accessed by the subconscious that gathers information from our Higher Self and the collective consciousness of humanity.

The subconscious is the receptacle for the experiences of the inner child. It accesses truth with feeling and provides vital input for making decisions. For example, we meet a new person and we immediately experience a shrinking feeling. If we have recapitulated our past and know this person isn’t reminding us of a former perpetrator, this feeling could indicate that even though strangers present themselves as friendly, they could be hostile.

The right brain is where the nurturer downloads his or her experiences. For instance, the nurturer may notice that the stomach muscles tighten every time you walk past an alley on your way to work. It reports this to right brain who feels out the situation to aid you in making a clear decision. Could it be that somebody was killed in an automobile accident at this location? Is there potential danger in the future?

When right brain, through being in an altered state, intuits this to be an unsafe place at some time in the future, it relays this information to left brain, which logically concludes that a different route to work must be found.

The Unknowable

God-mind accesses the unknowable, which includes the majority of Creation. When one enters God-mind, making decisions takes on an entirely different meaning. First of all, consideration about the future is very difficult to grasp because it isn’t seen as one straight line but as many probabilities. The past doesn’t exist, for one has entered eternal time by living in the moment.

The inclination is to only allow, especially during the first stages when the vastness of Creation becomes part of one’s mind. It is difficult at this time to make any decisions because we cannot find the voices of our subpersonalities. However, unless we do, we cannot bring the Divine fully into the flesh.

The sage gains insights from its interpretation of the experiences of its collective family, namely, the other subpersonalities. It downloads this to Godmind, and in this way, keeps God-mind connected with humanness.

All self-identity is gone, but it is crucial to maintain self-awareness because it is our link to sanity. God-mind is fulfilling the purpose of its Highest Self, which is a being as vast as the cosmos. Its decisions are made as follows: it lives in an expanded state of awareness and merely places its intent upon its wishes. Then all of creation moves to make it so. It doesn’t have to think, for it recognizes that thinking takes too much energy. It effortlessly knows.

Claiming Who You Are


Modesty doesn’t belong with God Consciousness. Humility does. Humility isn’t the misplaced modesty of thinking we are less than another. That is paying homage to another person’s arrogance.

Humility is acknowledging that everyone, no matter what detours he or she may choose, is an expression of God. There are variances in the amount of consciousness we are expressing, but there is no distinction in value. The life of the mass murderer in the street is as valuable as a saint’s life in revealing the mystery to the Infinite. He is just mirroring what the Infinite is not.

The second part of humility is acknowledging that we cannot possibly hope to know the totality of existence, since the unknowable constitutes the vast majority of the universe. This frees us to explore the tiny speck of the unknown that is in front of us. We can do so confidently, armed with impeccability as a shield, while playing the game “as if” we know. Remember, the game is played to stall for time to allow us to gain the necessary information or insights so surprise doesn’t drain our energy.

Speak as One with Your God-self

We need to make a final transition into speaking as one with our Godself. Beginners have a tendency to make elaborate explanations like, “By the grace of God, if He is willing, He’ll work through me and you’ll be healed.” This follows the image of being the flute and God blowing His music through us. But without the flute there would be no music. If we don’t claim our God-self, then by whose authority are we going to cast out demons or command a cancer virus to leave? If we truly believe that we are One with Spirit, it is a natural extension of ourselves to command, “Let there be Light!”

When we start to say, “I heal,” the last two connections are made in our body that is necessary to metamorphize it into an ascended master’s body. That means the I AM presence is awakened and this doesn’t occur until we claim who we are and speak our truth. This doesn’t mean we have to shout it from the rooftops. We can speak gently and infrequently, selecting only words that honor the god-goddess within. It is no longer to anybody’s advantage to pretend to be less than who we are.

Power is your Birthright

Don’t be afraid of power. It isn’t power over another; it is power over yourself.

The alternative to taking up our power is acquiescing to the world view that says we should follow others like sheep. Fear of power was reinforced by the genocide of over nine million in the name of eradicating witchcraft over six generations. The majority were women and ten percent were children. These people were labeled witches for simple acts such as healing a child’s boil, birthing a baby, performing a ceremony in the moonlight, or expressing gratitude to a river. It produced a deep scar in our psyche so it is understandable that many are frightened of power.

Those of the undeveloped light have frequently taken sacred symbols and rituals and turned them upside down. For example, the fivepointed star, with the single point upward, accesses the White Brotherhood. The undeveloped light uses it with the single point facing downward. We also tend to associate the unseen realms with the undeveloped light because the undeveloped light knows how to access them for power. All realms are part of the Divine; it is man’s intent that determines whether power is used for good or evil.

Some merely want to live in harmony and service, but where God expresses, there is beauty, love, wisdom, and power. There comes a point in fulfilling our blueprint where power is, naturally, the next step.To be powerful and effective in fulfilling the roles we have agreed to play is the highest service we can render. When we align ourselves with the powers of the universe we can create miracles. To be able to produce miracles on the physical plane, we have to manipulate it in the hidden realms. Great miracles are at our disposal when the hidden realms become as real to us as the physical realm.

When we successfully work through the stages of the Medicine Wheel, we develop the tools necessary to come into harmony with our Higher Self. This, in turn, enables us to gain the tools necessary to access the Higher Self of the planet that is the realm of the ascended masters. Then we are able to access the Higher Self of the universe. We are like mountain climbers connected by a rope—all the way to God. That connection gives us access to all the potential that can be expressed in this universe. This is how mystics bring to life the magic and miracles that we label impossible.

Many teachers will come forth during the next few years with the ability to disappear and materialize objects in front of us. It is important that we aren’t misled by what they do. Judge them instead by who they are. An impeccable teacher will guide you and show you how to live by the example of his or her life. He or she won’t tell you how to live.

Some teachers want to foster dependency for financial reasons, plus it strokes their egos. Look closely to see if the teacher is stuck on the label of being a master and whether he or she has an agenda with the students.

Be cautious with words because they shouldn’t be taken at face value. When presented with new information (including mine), use discernment and determine that which resonates in harmony with the song of your heart, gently allowing the rest to roll away like water off a duck’s back.

There are times when Spirit instructs us to pick up the sword, but it is never our idea. These times are extremely rare. I have been asked to unravel another’s plan only a few times. It was done with complete detachment to outcome, knowing that if anything in my life needed to be unraveled, that it would occur as well.

Treat power like the emergency supply of food in the garage. It is there if we need it but it isn’t part of the regular stock. How powerful we are as Light workers is determined by how much energy we can gather and allow to flow through us. Power enables us to move our assemblage point, meaning we are capable of experiencing separate worlds (holograms) which are available to mankind. If we go beyond those, we shape-shift into animals and other lifeforms. These worlds are separated from us only by vibration.

The general world view has a huge misconception about power in believing that advanced races create externally. The opposite is true. If a highly evolved being wants to travel, he spins light fields around his body and creates a moving disc of light. If he is cold, he regulates his internal thermostat. He chooses whether to obtain energy by consuming food or pulling it in directly from light. Since the internal body is clean, body odors don’t form and dirt doesn’t stick to him.

When we claim our power, we can change the course of history. We are powerful enough to program a peaceable transition and unconditional planetary ascension, where all people are taken along. We can create a life filled with grace and a safe future for humanity.

Living Within Contraction

Those living within contraction have traditionally been priests and shepherds rather than kings and conquerors. They seek joy versus passion; to walk in a cool, green forest rather than search for a lost treasure. Their roots are deep and their connection with the earth strong. They enjoy simple pleasures and get contentment from creating.

Service as a Master

From the ultimate state of being, our service is pure. That means we take our next step with no expectations and no attachment to results. We perform the task at hand with complete focus and attention to the moment, observing without judgment. This is living in meditation — the place of inner stillness, innocence, and power.

As lightworkers our actions need to be frugal, otherwise we deplete our energy. When we are still enough to hear guidance from our Higher Self, we will be able to honor the rhythms of the universe — the periods of rest and activity. There is a day and a night. There is a season for planting, a season for growing, a season for harvesting and a season for rest.

When the unexpected comes, a master acts with self confidence — even if he stares death in the face. This way he remains clear to the last minute. Death is an ominous force stalking those who are unconscious, but to a master, it is his strength. He lives every day as if death is on his doorstep and since he is facing the worst, nothing else can scare him. This prompts him to live on the edge with a vibrancy, noticing everything and finding pleasure in simple things. A master is vigilant in anticipating problems but lives joyously in the moment, expecting perfection. In this regard, death becomes our ally because it reminds us of our probable demise and to begin living every day fully. This lifestyle is a great contrast to the majority who are living a half-dead existence.

As spiritual masters, it is important that we take our light into the world and live our truth. We are the monks without monasteries, and we need to live in the streets amongst the masses. Many have ascended while in seclusion. This time it is different. We are clearing all our parallel lives and ancestral issues so that the planet can ascend. We have specifically designed life among the masses to do this because the density accelerates growth.

The interaction also allows us to have an effect on a greater number of people. We do this by the electromagnetic frequency we emit. When others come in contact with this energy field, it causes limitations or constricting beliefs to instantly manifest. In this way it creates a potential environment for mental, emotional, or physical healings to occur.

When everyone’s limitations start manifesting, the outward appearance seems chaotic. Interpreting an event as chaotic is merely a lack of perception because when viewed from a higher perspective, it could be a lower order de-structuring to emerge as divine order.

The majority of people seem to be busy searching for something to come in from the outside, yet that yearning is for unity with our Higher Self. When reached, our human awareness that has separated once again returns to wholeness.

The Journey Back to the Heart of God

From the book Journey to the Heart of God

The Red Road

The out-breath of God, the cycle of expansion away from the heart of God, has been designed to explore the unknown. Driven by the emotion of passion, we have been journeying on the red road away from Source into realms made dense by unyielded light.

This universe, the densest and newest of all universes, has been on the cutting edge where all life pushes into the unknown. In these dense levels light and frequency are easily distorted. Here, the passion with which we, the One expressing as the many, set out on this journey of exploration often becomes aggression. This is particularly the case when not balanced with joy.

From a very large perspective, our journey has slowed and progress has become more labored. The law of compensation decrees that when something is taken away, something else has to be given. Because of the loss of speed in our progress, diversity is substituted. Not only are our learning opportunities enhanced by the great diversity of life forms in this density, but also by the diversity of experiences.

The slowing down of the cosmic movement has slowed time. As a result, a given period such as a year may still feel like a year to us, but contains many more experiences to learn from since it may actually be the equivalent of ten years. Psychologically it feels as though time has sped up.

As previously mentioned, the first reason for this slowing of the cycle of expansion is that the polarity between dark and light has lessened. Second, on the edge of the cycle of expansion, we’re starting to be pulled not only forwards by the unknown, but also backwards by our own inner feminine. When we reach the edge of time and space allotted for this cycle of expansion, the pull from our own feminine will finally prevail and pull us back on the blue road home.

The red road on the journey of expansion and the blue road on the journey of contraction can be compared to the red blood moving through the arteries away from the heart, and the blue blood moving back through the veins. We receive non-cognitive information from the various levels of light through the minuscule chakras located in every cell. This is then downloaded into the red arterial blood. As blue blood it returns to the heart where it is interpreted by the thymus.

The red road we have been on has been dominated by mental energy. It has ballooned into greater and greater complexity. Like the red blood, it has become laden with information to be carried with us back into oneness, that the One may become enriched by the experiences of the many.

As a microcosm of the macrocosm, life on Earth mirrors the state of increasing complexity: in its population explosion, its consumerism, its ballooning budget deficits and inflation, its inflated debt structures, the increasing complexity in judicial and governmental sections, the escalating burden on the environment. All these are indicators that the electrical (masculine, mental) is so overbalanced that we are ready to catapult into contraction.

The Blue Road

Whether we speak of the blue road (the cycle of contraction) of life on earth or in the cosmos, they will have many similarities. First, the change from expansion to contraction happens in the twinkling of an eye when critical mass is reached. Second, at the beginning of either cycle, when our journey is influenced by the very strong pull of only one opposite pole (unlike at the end of a cycle when our journey is pulled by two opposite poles like a tug of war), change is incredibly rapid.

The most dominant characteristic of our journey home is its destructuring nature and its tendency to simplify and reduce. Much of what we know will simply become obsolete. The criteria for what remains is whether it increases joy within the cosmos. To provide joy to all life, it has to be enhancing of indwelling life.

As the cycle of contraction is emotional and introspective, the best preparation light-promoters can make is to come home to themselves; to achieve a balanced relationship with their inner pieces and attain emotional sovereignty. It is essential that we gain the unshakeable realization that our being is our sustenance; that we become our own source of happiness and support. The mode of seeking what we need outside ourselves is prevalent during the time life expands, but will not survive the time of contraction.

We are entering a time when life will get rid of that which has not yielded its insights. It is time for the shallow life filled with unexamined diversity to make way for deep, meaningful living. If we shed those things in life that cannot make our hearts sing, they can be gracefully replaced by what does, or we can wait for cataclysmic change to do it for us.

The reason we have depleted not only our environment, but also ourselves, is because of our insatiable appetite to fill ourselves from the outside, and since this cannot be done, we take far more than we need. Frugality does not mean that we forfeit abundance, but that we cease to need and therefore receive from a position of fullness only that which is ours to take.

As our inner world becomes our strength and support, we act only when needed. We fight only those battles where perception can be gained and we interact sparingly with others. No longer do we waste energy with words. Our life has become the disciplined life of a warrior against illusion. Like a master, we find our joy in the moment, gracefully surrendering to change — our hearts leading the way.

Living as an Ascended Master

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Living as an Ascended Master and what to expect. No point of arrival. The known, unknown and the unknowable. Destiny of Ascended Masters. Compressed time. Balancing doingness and beingness. The true unknown and experience. Odes of Solomon and Esdras. Belief systems and miracles. Programmed behavior. Innocence and living in the moment. Cooperation with life. Meridians. Life force center. Opposition to life. Black magic and imposing your will. Linear time and tension. Chakras and resistance to life. Shame programming. Changing within to change without.

Feeling at Home on Earth

As the out-breath and in-breath of God create the greatest expansion and contraction cycles within the macrocosm, so too are they mirrored within the microcosm. There are those who live primarily in expansion (output) and those who live in contraction (input). Feeling at home within life on earth requires first that we familiarize ourselves with these principles and then create balance between these expanding and contracting cycles in our lives.

Living Within Expansion

Those who live primarily in a state of expansion are the people with wings. They want to explore, to achieve, to conquer and to live a life full of adventure that pushes the boundaries of the known into the unknown. They are the fire-carriers who reach for the new and find ruts and routines soul-deadening. Their love is poured into what they do, which is passion.

Expansion: Type of energy

The electrical (masculine) energy is dominant over the magnetic (feminine) energy and as a consequence these individuals sometimes prefer the fall and winter when the magnetic energy is stronger and helps balance their overabundance of electrical energy. Their pursuits are active rather than passive. Their mental activity is very strong and they might find it difficult to relax.

Expansion: Positive Tendencies

They like being a cause rather than an effect. They like to build and turn their goals into realities. Their strong suit is original thinking and problem solving. They delve into the unknown where growth originates and therefore grow and change rapidly. They prize achievement and growth.

We were deliberately disconnected from our sub-personalities by the undeveloped light as a means of control because if we become scattered and dysfunctional, we are powerless.

Expansion: Negative Tendencies

If growth is too rapid, their ambitions can be very ungrounded and lack the proper foundation. People lose their sovereignty when they have wings but no roots in that they feel the need for a place of grounding. They yearn for a home, and tend not to nurture themselves; this makes them susceptible to manipulation in relationships. In some instances, they become over-sexed in an attempt to bring their lower chakras into balance. They sometimes tend to be inattentive during relationships.

Expansion: Causes of Over-Balance

Social conditioning that stresses that the value of the individual lies in what he does, rather than who he is, is a significant factor in causing this over-balance. It may also be the result of unresolved past events such as a very stressful home life, or issues that cause the need to prove himself. Another contributing factor could be a worldview resulting from past life experiences where passiveness produced calamity.

Expansion: Solution

The higher the flight of an individual’s thought, the greater the need for roots. The inner child and inner nurturer in expression provide a source of magnetic energy to help create wholeness within. A concerted effort needs to be made to incorporate nurturing elements into one’s environment. For example: cozy shoes to wear under one’s desk; packing a favorite pillow and blanket for a hotel stay; a back support and favorite music in the car and a stash of protein drinks or herbal teas available during regular breaks.

Living Within Contraction

Those living within contraction have traditionally been priests and shepherds rather than kings and conquerors. They seek joy versus passion; to walk in a cool, green forest rather than search for a lost treasure. Their roots are deep and their connection with the earth strong. They enjoy simple pleasures and get contentment from creating.

Contraction: Type of Energy

Their magnetic energy dominates their electric energy. They tend to value security and are therefore not fond of taking risks. They are the water bearers and value the quality of the journey over the end-results. They are receptive and their energy is more passive.

Contraction: Positive Tendencies

Those who are over-balanced in their magnetic energy tend to feel at home wherever they go. They are nurturing to self and others and generally are comfortable around others. If their basic needs are met, they find contentment in the experiences of everyday life. They excel at creating a pleasant atmosphere around offices and warmth within the home. They bring creativity and quality to the journey of life.

Contraction: Negative Tendencies

Those living within contraction tend to over-polarize towards the light (the known) where they feel safe and secure. But because growth is found through embracing the unknown (the dark or un-yielded light), they tend to stagnate. They are less adept at original thought and planning and therefore lack confidence in their ability to achieve. This can cause a lack of sovereignty and a neediness that can be manipulated in relationships. When such a person feels very disempowered, they can become destructive and critical of those attempting to build and achieve. Some use meditation as an escape from challenge (television and other addictions can also be used as an escape). Others may become obsessive about self-nurturing.

Contraction: Causes of Over-Balance

When past life and childhood experiences reveal the world as unsafe and unstable, the desire to remain in the safety of the known becomes obsessive. Risk taking and venturing into the unknown becomes undesirable. This type of over-balance also occurs when someone grows up in a household where the peace is disturbed by bouts of threatening rage. Passion is then seen as destructive.

Contraction: Solution

To bring new energy in to dispel the stagnation, new experiences must be pulled into their lives. A deliberate attempt must be made to push the boundaries of their comfort zone a little bit further every day until their wings allow them to fly. Looking ahead and setting a goal, then breaking the goal into projects and the projects into daily tasks, will help build confidence and self-determination.

Whenever there are pieces within that are undeveloped, we become invested in finding them without, giving our power to another to complete us. But balance cannot be found without if it is not found within. This means the flow of awareness has to shatter that relationship in order to mirror to us that an outside source is not a reliable place to find our sustenance.

As long as we have wings without roots, we will be dependent on another to make us feel at home. Conversely, as long as we have roots without wings, we will stagnate and draw in pain to prod us into change and growth. We will also need to rely on others to help us achieve. When we become confident in our ability to determine our future, we balance the expansion and contraction cycles of our lives. We will cease to yearn for the higher spheres from whence we came but instead grow in feeling the satisfaction of being at home on earth.

The Laws of the Cycles

To understand why these cycles move in expansion and contraction, pulsing from one to the other, we have to remember that there are degrees of polarity. One thing can be a little negative in relation to another and a third thing can be very negative in relation to it.

As the door of everything, we have the same vastness within as we have without and the same laws apply. Therefore, the same principle will snap us back from expanding too far into passion for example, as it would in turning the outbreath of God to the inbreath. In human lives, someone who has somehow lost this safety mechanism that prevents cycles from going out of bounds becomes manic depressive.

The unknown has a negative polarity as has our own inner feminine, which holds our own unknown pieces. The known has a positive polarity, as has our own inner masculine, which holds our own known pieces.

As we delve into the unknown of our world, desiring to know it (which is passion), we are traveling from A to C. The emotion of passion has a positive polarity and is drawn by the negative polarity of the unknown. On our circular graph (See page133, The Cycles of Expansion and Contraction), the further poles are apart, the greater the degree of polarity and the stronger the attraction. By the time the expansion has moved all the way to C, it is further away from its own feminine pole B than the feminine unknown without and is therefore suddenly more attracted to its own inner negative pole. This therefore pulls the expansion back to the stronger attraction of B into contraction and the desire to live (joy).

By the time life is pulled all the way to B, the pull from C becomes so strong that it pulls everything into expansion again. The momentum of any cycle is fastest immediately after it reverses direction, slowing down the further it progresses. We can therefore expect that the first part of the blue road home will occur very rapidly.

The further we expand into the unknown, i.e., the further we extend A-C; the further we snap back and extend A-B, making our circle large and larger. As a practical matter it means that the more valiant we are in fulfilling our agreement to explore the unknown portions of existence, the deeper our joy becomes. In exactly the same way, the other three sets of emotional poles pulse and help each other grow: Fear (-) shows us what parts of existence we have not yet included in our love (+). Anger (+) breaks up that which is no longer needed so we can see clearly what is worth protecting (-) or fighting for. Pain (+) as the desire to change removes that which is not life-enhancing so we may find that which we desire to keep, which is contentment (-). In this way the dynamic balance of our emotional cycles stays intact even as the cycles become larger and larger and we include more and more of existence in our experience.

Finding Our Passion

When the social conditioning of our lives has left the clear impression that it is unsafe to fully participate in the game of life, we may hang back in the safety of the known, afraid to make ourselves a target by being noticed. We may fear that passion could cause our light to shine so brightly that others might try and tear us down so that their own lack of luster isn’t as obvious.

If we deny our desire to express passionately long enough, we will end up being strangers to passion; not knowing how to find it nor recognize it even if we do. The lateral hypothalamus tells us when we have eaten enough. The ventromedial hypothalamus tells us when we are hungry. In the same way, if we deny the promptings from these portions of the brain, we will end up either obese or anorexic. When that happens we have to gently coach ourselves into recognizing what their promptings feel like. When passion beckons we feel warm and excited, our faces flushed and our imagination stirring with questions of “What if?” and “What lies beyond the next horizon?” It inspires us into action and gives us the belief that we can take risks and build.

We find our passion by following the yearnings our moments of joy evoke within our hearts. It is the lost song the singer feels hiding within the shadows of his mind. It is the lost rhythm the dancer forever seeks. It is the mysteries of the cosmos that wait for the scientist or the metaphysician to unlock. It is the desire inspired by the innocence in our child’s eyes to build a life of wonder and beauty for our family.

If passion has become a stranger to us, we might have to become re-acquainted with it one facet at a time. When expressed, passion consists of taking risks; of accomplishment and the building of something new. It adds new experiences, further boundaries, and new depth to our lives.

To train ourselves to hear the voice of passion once again, we find the yearning of our heart and follow where it leads. We make a concerted effort to break free from the prison bars of ruts and expectations, socially conditioned limitations and self-imposed belief systems that keep us in mediocrity. We take a few minutes a day to dare to dream of what would make our hearts sing. We awake each morning and determine to live the day before us as though it were our last. We look at our lives as though for the first time, with a fresh perspective that can detect the joyless, self-sacrificing areas. With courage and great consideration for the consequences of our actions on others, we implement our first steps to bring the glow of passion back to these areas.

A decision may take a minute to make, but for it to be as life-altering as we would want it to be, it needs to be supported by a firm foundation. This requires planning and also a certain amount of analysis. What is the goal? What resources will be needed? Is there a discrepancy between what we need and what we have and how can we fill it? Many businesses fail, taking many dreams with them, because not enough thought is given to what is needed to support them in terms of time and money. Once a goal is identified, break it into projects and tasks. Jack London is one of the most highly paid authors if one takes inflation into consideration. He used the same method for achieving success. An immigrant and dockworker, Jack London had a dream of breaking free from the hard grueling labor and becoming an author. Before his long day began, he studied English grammar for an hour, and then worked to earn his bread and butter as a dockworker. At night, he took a creative writing class at the library and when he got home, he did his writing. His goal was broken up into projects, then into tasks and his day structured to accommodate them.

Many envy the achievements of others, but they are not prepared to put in the work. Sometimes it takes burning the candle on both ends to fulfill a dream. It is our passion that keeps our enthusiasm lit and gives us our second wind to fly higher than we ever thought possible.

Finding Our Joy

As passion explores the multitude of possibilities through which we can express, so joy is concentrated on the simplicity of the moment. Joy is a mindset, a certain focus that sees the perfection of the here and now, casting a golden glow over the experiences of yesterday. It turns the mundane into poetry and captures the moment in a still-life image.

Milton said: “The mind in its own place and of itself can turn hell into heaven and heaven into hell”. The great English master painter, Turner, at the end of his life said that in his entire life he’d never seen anything ugly. Franz Liszt was urged to write his memoirs, but he said: “It’s enough to have lived such a life”. He found such joy in his experiences, he didn’t have to externalize them to appreciate them.

Joy can be recognized by the deep feeling of satisfaction it brings, by the feeling that one has come home to oneself. It taps into the quiet place within that nurtures the soul and replenishes the mind. When under its spell, joy makes us feel light and young again, connected to the earth and freed from our cares.

The key to finding our joy lies in our ability to work with time. In a world where mounting responsibilities urge us to accomplish more in less time, most tasks are hastily performed. Yet we don’t seem to have any more time to enjoy life. The time that is supposed to be leisure time has even more undone chores competing for it. The reason this is so is that when we rush, we speed up time and we seem to have even less at our disposal.

Just as building with passion requires careful and disciplined time allocations, living with joy requires the ability to compress time. If we focus on the details in front of us at this moment, time slows down. Even if we cannot find an hour today to do the things we enjoy, we can find the time to enjoy the things we are doing. In cutting up vegetables to make a stew, we can see the colors of the carrots, explore the different textures of each vegetable and smell the fresh fragrance as we cut through their skin.

Even repetitive work can become a mantra, or a production line a prayer as we send blessings and angelic assistance to the homes where the products will end up. Walking in the crowded street, we can feel the sadness of others but can turn it into joy by envisioning blessings pouring into their lives. The loss in the lives of others can be used to inspire praise and gratitude for the blessings in our own.

In our choice of the joy to fill our leisure time, we look for that which will inspire us into achievement. As the joy flows inward on the surface, the passion it inspires folds outward beneath the surface. The greater our joy, the greater the actions it will inspire.

Letting Our Light Shine

Traditionally, it hasn’t been safe to let our light shine; to demonstrate too great a passion or too deep a joy. It has brought about persecution from the tribe whose lack of luster becomes apparent by comparison. Tribes exist everywhere people see the safety of uniformity and these groups reject that which cannot be controlled.

When confronted with anything superlative that lies beyond the status quo, the tribe has the uncomfortable choice of either living with excellence in their midst and feeling less by comparison, changing their own behavior to match the new standard or, alternatively, to eject from the tribe the ones who excel.

Throughout history those who have demonstrated great passion or joy have been all too frequently ostracized and shunned. The great ones in our midst have found that, more often than not, the price of greatness has been solitude. But to still our inner song to conform to mediocrity is psychological suicide. We have come too far through space and time to be the wayshowers of this planet, to allow ourselves to blend into the grayness of the unaware masses. Surrounded by our own inner family, driven by passion and sustained by joy, let us with courage walk the path of a life well lived. Let us fulfill our destinies as light beacons unto the world.

Living a Balanced Life

There is a saying, “Life is a journey, not a camp”. We are either moving forward or moving backwards, but we are never standing still. In the vast river of change we call life, any life form either moves with it or is swept away to be replaced by another.

Life forms that consistently oppose life may, after many lifetimes, even lose the ability to incarnate into physicality at all. Lack of growth weakens the life force at someone’s disposal. Without sufficient life force and energy, the formation of a lower or physical body cannot take place. It requires an enormous amount of energy to create material form.

Because everything is in constant flux, balance cannot be stationary — it has to consist of movement. Many light seekers think of balance as always living in serenity and peace no matter what occurs. What they fail to understand is that by refusing to embrace the dark, they call it forth. Anything that we deny the right to exist by failing to acknowledge its contribution within the cosmos is strengthened either within us or within our environment.

We are the microcosm of the macrocosm, but the macrocosm is anything but peaceful and serene. Although some parts of it may be tranquil, it is also destructive and explosive and gloriously passionate. The only constant is the matrix; the underlying grand scheme that gives the overall purpose and the allotted time and space within which creational cycles play out.

As we enter God-consciousness, we see the big picture. Not until we re-enter the human condition do we pay attention to the stormy ups and downs of life. Even as we cry and laugh once more in the drama of human life, we still keep our inner focus on the big picture; the perfection of the divine plan. Like the cosmic matrix that underlies the passionate drama of the cosmos, this large inner perspective underlies the stormy changes in our lives. It provides stability within flow, measure within movement.

Keeping our eyes fixed on the perfection underlying appearances can be called the first half of balance. It is the masculine, positive polarity of balance. Learning to bring balance to the movement or flow of emotion is the second half of balance, the feminine, magnetic aspect. If we have expanded vision without allowing the balanced interaction of emotion to occur, growth stops and we start to stagnate. When emotion is denied the right to exist, it eventually surfaces as jagged and disproportionate; in other words, out of balance.

Anger is often shunned, whereas joy is valued. Few utilize the immense value of anger and learn how to bring it into balance. To the same degree that it is suppressed, anger will surge and frequently become destructive. The more we identify anger with destructiveness, the more we tend to suppress it and in this way an escalating imbalance builds up that not only stifles anger, but also joy.

The great gift of anger is that it breaks up stuck patterns. If we allow anger to surface, not directing it at another but simply feeling it throughout our being, it can run its course. When it is spent ask the question: “What can I now see that I couldn’t see before?” If we question persistently enough, hidden insights will reveal themselves. Increased perception brings increased energy and power, which in turn increases our desire to live. The desire to live is joy. The desire to live in turn propels us into an exploration of life and the unknown. The unknown portions of life are the most ‘stuck’ of all parts of existence and have not yielded during all previous creational cycles. Anger is therefore needed to assist in breaking up the illusion.

In this way, opposite emotional forces within us yield each other. Fear alerts us to those parts of creation we have not yet included within our compassionate understanding so that our love can grow. Passion and joy alternate by prompting each other.

As all these inner components are given equal value, a dynamic, growth-promoting balance is born. A back and forth flow and movement provides the impetus to help drive us upward along the spiral of awareness. The steady gaze we keep on the large picture, on the other hand, provides the balance we need to ensure that we maintain an eternal perspective.

The Three Bodies of Information

Information can be divided into the known, the unknown and the unknowable.

The Known

The left brain is responsible for accessing the known, which constitutes 1/12th of that which can be known by man without being in God-consciousness. It uses two tools for this task.

The first is not-doing. It is invaluable in helping us see the big picture because we lift ourselves above the circumstance to gain a broader perspective. It keeps us from becoming hung-up in details. Therefore, it is a tool for applying discernment while making decisions.

When not-doing becomes a constant mode of operation for the left brain, we are embarking on the first stages of disconnecting from ego and entering into God Consciousness. Just prior to entering God Consciousness, it feels as though we are observing our life through a tunnel, from afar.

The second tool left brain uses in decision making is seeing behind the appearances. It is the ability of left brain to pierce the veil of illusion and see the essence of what is really going on. It teaches us to see symbolically, which prevents us from taking things at face value — a trap that could lead to incorrect decisions.

The sub-personality connected with left brain is the warrior, which guards left brain’s thoughts diligently to ensure that it doesn’t think limiting or disempowering thoughts that could create adverse circumstances.

The sage has instructed the warrior that thoughts create reality and its job is to ensure that the reality produced by the thoughts is of the highest possible manifestation. The adult contributes its experiences so that the logical mind can form deductions and file the information for future reference. The sexual persona uses the physical merging with another to teach the left brain to surrender its rigid grip on life so it can surrender to God-mind.

The Unknown

It consists of 11/12ths of that which can be known without entering God-mind. It is accessed by right brain, which gathers information from other realms, the future, from unseen guides and allies, by intuiting motives and feelings from other people. It is also accessed by the subconscious that gathers information from our Higher Self and the collective consciousness of humanity.

The subconscious is the receptacle for the experiences of the inner child. It accesses truth with feeling and provides vital input for making decisions. For example, we meet a new person and we immediately experience a shrinking feeling. If we have recapitulated our past and know this person isn’t reminding us of a former perpetrator, this feeling could indicate that even though strangers present themselves as friendly, they could be hostile.

The right brain is where the nurturer downloads his or her experiences. For instance, the nurturer may notice that the stomach muscles tighten every time you walk past an alley on your way to work. It reports this to right brain who feels out the situation to aid you in making a clear decision. Could it be that somebody was killed in an automobile accident at this location? Is there potential danger in the future?

When right brain, through being in an altered state, intuits this to be an unsafe place at some time in the future, it relays this information to left brain, which logically concludes that a different route to work must be found.

The Unknowable

God-mind accesses the unknowable, which includes the majority of Creation. When one enters God-mind, making decisions takes on an entirely different meaning. First of all, consideration about the future is very difficult to grasp because it isn’t seen as one straight line but as many probabilities. The past doesn’t exist, for one has entered eternal time by living in the moment.

The inclination is to only allow, especially during the first stages when the vastness of Creation becomes part of one’s mind. It is difficult at this time to make any decisions because we cannot find the voices of our sub-personalities. However, unless we do, we cannot bring the Divine fully into the flesh.

The sage gains insights from its interpretation of the experiences of its collective family, namely, the other sub-personalities. It downloads this to God mind, and in this way, keeps God-mind connected with humanness.

All self-identity is gone, but it is crucial to maintain self-awareness because it is our link to sanity. God-mind is fulfilling the purpose of its Highest Self, which is a being as vast as the cosmos. Its decisions are made as follows: it lives in an expanded state of awareness and merely places its intent upon its wishes. Then all of creation moves to make it so. It doesn’t have to think, for it recognizes that thinking takes too much energy. It effortlessly knows.

Healing Within (The Language of Pain)

In this video:

The method of healing within. Belvaspata. Language of pain and body signs. Cancer and blood. Chakras and weight. Settling for feeling needed. Drained life force goes to what we oppose. Dynamic balance. Loss and grief. Seeing through others’ eyes. The big picture. Contract of vision. Destructuring and regeneration. The pineal gland and the life cell. Programming of aging. Mantras and affirmations. Acknowledging oneness. Life of grace.

Transfiguring into a God Being in the Flesh

The evolution of a human being into the stage that lies beyond humanness, that of a god-being that can come and go throughout the cosmos with the speed of thought, follows three distinct stages. Each stage has within it three separate phases. This brings the total number of phases to nine through which a human being can evolve. An initiation is a test of skill, impeccability, knowledge and often one’s relationship with other life forms. It not only tests the worthiness of the truth seeker to move from one rung of advancement to another, but through the testing provides him or her with the chance to fill any gaps of perception necessary for the next phase. In the Egyptian and Atlantean initiations the last stage, with its three phases was guarded by the two Lords of the Two Horizons, also known as the two Lords of the Three Gates. The initiatory The smaller triangle represented the triangulated view of Sirius rising above the horizon as seen from the bottom of the pyramid. But as the nine rungs were completed, the Lords of the Two Horizons would bring the Ascended Master to the top of the pyramid. From there the horizon and Sirius’s rising would be further away. This would create a larger triangle. The master would have completed all nine phases of his human evolution. The two triangles represent the change in perception between the phase of the Initiate and the Ascended Master. It illustrates how much vision will expand, and how much more of the unknown will be able to be accessed as a master.

Stage 1. Identity-Consciousness

This stage is like the bottom of the pyramid in that many enter this stage but far fewer make it through. The three phases of this stage are all lived while in ego-identification, that state of beingness that sees ourselves as separate from others and identifies with the body and surface mind (the ego).

Phase 1 – The Initiate

Type of Change: Transformation

Transformation is the stage within change that discards that which is no longer needed. The truth seeker dies to the old way of being.

Testing: Fear

To have all belief systems, identities and worldviews eradicated, leaves one without the comfort of shelters or a frame of reference and creates fear.


The seals of debris in the chakras start to burst open, causing at times physical distress in their areas. The chakras become spherical, instead of resembling a cone to the front and a cone to the back with the narrow ends meeting in the middle.


The Initiate has to learn not to take anything at face value but to cultivate the necessary humility that will remind him for the rest of his journey that all he can know for certain is that he doesn’t know.

Phase 2 – The Adept

Type of Change: Transmutation

During transmutation something of a lower frequency is changed into another substance of a higher frequency, much like the alchemist changing lead to gold. In this instance, challenge is transmuted to insight.

Testing: Addiction

Every stage’s second phase has the testing of addiction. In this phase the adept learns how to turn challenges into power by seeing behind the appearances of ‘problems’. This results in power surges that create endocrine releases of hormones that can be very addictive. The adept can become addicted to challenge.


As the adept learns to cooperate with the challenges of life, every challenge becomes a source of power and energy; this causes the spherical chakras to become enlarged and overlap each other more and more.


The adept can take himself too seriously at this point and so diverts his attention from chasing challenges to balancing the sub-personalities. It is essential to become emotionally self-reliant at this point by bringing balance and expression to our inner family. If we neglect this, it is unlikely that we will pass the testing of power presented during the next phase.

Phase 3 – The Master

Type of Change: Transfiguration

The third phase of every stage tests us with power. Because it is seeing whether we are worthy of the major evolutionary leap that occurs during transition from stage to stage; its testing is severe. Passing the test produces transfiguration of either the fields of the body or the body itself.

Testing: Power

The master’s abilities become quite apparent at this point, bringing praise and in some instances, worship from others. The feeling of power can produce a sense of gratification that can divert the master from being a perception seeker to becoming a power seeker, in which case he cannot proceed any further on the path.


Not only is the power the result of bringing order to the mind, but also of the chakra spheres growing so enlarged that they form one large unified chakra field around the body. A heartache or an orgasm or the opening of the crown chakra by a peak spiritual experience, is felt throughout the body.


At the very moment that our egos want to assert themselves, we must not waver for an instant from reaching beyond the allure of the magical world of the unknown, to the far distant horizon of the unknowable. Resisting the temptations to do miracles for show, we must keep our goal of increased perception firmly in mind. Not many truth seekers make it beyond this point.

Stage 2. God Consciousness

The previous stage believed the character we play on the stage of life to be real. This stage no longer identifies with the character. In fact, during the first two phases, we walk off the stage of life only to return for the third phase. But even as we again stay in character, we know without a doubt that we are just enacting a role.

Phase 1 – Emptiness

Type of Change: Transformation

Everything we thought we knew gets thrown out of the window. All we know is that we are no-thing. The usual emotions are gone, from the dramatic shift in perception as our minds become empty. Nothing in our lives makes sense anymore and a great disassociativeness is felt.

Testing: Fear

Although the testing in the first phase of every stage is fear, most ordinary, everyday fears were overcome during the previous stage. Now the very foundation upon which we have stood has been knocked out from underneath us. Not only do we at times feel terrified, but a vast loneliness grips us. We feel afraid when expanding too much, fearing we may lose our self-awareness just as we have lost our identities; afraid that our responsibilities won’t be properly done. But something larger is running our lives and everything gets done without much forethought. We feel claustrophobic when we contract our awareness back into the body.


The changes that take place during this entire stage affect the emotional body. During this phase the emotional body forms a large round ball, slightly larger than the luminous cocoon formed by the seven bodies of man under usual circumstances.


If enough fear is present, one can step out of God Consciousness and, because one didn’t stay in long enough to enjoy the more blissful states that come later, be hesitant to try it again. This could then keep us locked into Identity-Consciousness. It is helpful to have someone ahead on the path be able to say that the disassociativeness one is experiencing is appropriate to this rather bewildering phase.

Phase 2 – The Bliss

Type of Change: Transmutation

The realization that it isn’t that we are no-thing, it’s that we are all things, transmutes the feeling of complete emptiness to the fullness of bliss. We feel everything as though it is inside us.

Testing: Addiction

The test is a difficult one, not only because of its intense addictive quality, but because most traditions teach that this is the end goal of the spiritual seeker’s path. The years of disciplined living have to somehow penetrate the euphoria and remind us that there is no point of arrival.


A strange phenomenon now takes place in the emotional field, reducing the physical energy, while creating a vastness of emotion. It is as though the desire of the cosmos has become one’s own. The emotional body forms rope-like spikes radiating out from the physical body. When I first observed this in my own field, I thought that the shock of encountering the Infinite’s vastness had shredded my emotional body. Only later did I realize that it was an appropriate part of the bliss phase.


There is very little growth during the first two phases of God Consciousness when one essentially walks off the stage of life. The master has no boundaries and is in a very vulnerable state. But because others around him are allowed to misbehave as they choose, they aren’t growing either. The great challenge of this phase is to remember that there is value to the play; that it was designed that all may grow. The master has to re-enter the human drama while remembering it’s just a play.

Phase 3 – Re-Entering the Human Condition

Type of Change: Transfiguration

The emotional body now expands itself to twice its former size, completely transfiguring the size of the bodies’ luminous cocoon.

Testing: Power

As with all third phases, the testing concerns the impeccable use of power. The master has the ability to manifest whatever he or she wants to, but having spent many years gathering such power, must now forgo using it in most instances in favor of cooperating fully with life.


The changes that occur during this phase create intense emotion. But even as the renewed emotions again churn the surface of the master’s life, the vast stillness of expanded awareness lies beneath.


The tremendous power that is part of the master’s life at this point demands the utmost respect and sensitivity for all lifeforms. It also requires the mater’s full cooperation in order to become a tool in providing learning opportunities for others. In other words, the master becomes a steward of all life.

Stage 3. Ascended Mastery

The three stages themselves follow the roadmap of all change: Transformation, Transmutation, Transfiguration. The stage of Identity-Consciousness is in essence transformational in that it is the shedding of that which no longer serves, namely the ego.

The God Consciousness stage is transmutational in that it turns a form of awareness that learns very little from experience, into a combination that does. In its third phase the master observes his experiences from an eternal perspective while again enacting the human drama – it feels a lot like thinking with two minds at once.

The Ascended Mastery stage transfigures not only the fields of the body, as do the other two stages, but also the physical body itself. To transfigure something that dense is a tremendous accomplishment and the primary function of this stage is transfiguration.

Phase 1 – The Totally Silent Mind

Type of Change: Transformational

Previous God Consciousness phases had silence within the mind during any time the master did not have to relate or act. Now, even this form of inner dialog is discarded. Interaction, writing, speaking is done from a place of complete silence as though being on ‘auto-pilot’. The silence is only broken occasionally to do something deductive.

Testing: Fear

It takes a lot of trust to have your mouth speak that which you didn’t first think of. If anything is done from a place of old, obsolete programming, everything starts to spin. One is physically incapable of doing something that isn’t meant to be. The overall fear is that life is completely out of control and it is – out of the control of the egoic self. But the vast cosmic mind governs our lives at this point.


Because of the transfigurative qualities of this entire stage, every phase has very dramatic changes, all of them pertaining to the mental or linear bodies of man. In this phase the mental body implodes into a pinpoint of light, pulling the emotional body with it. It then explodes and fuses with the etheric body. The emotional body becomes smaller and denser.


The vestiges of a desire for a personal life have to be laid aside at this point. The master can and must make sure that his life has joy and balance in it. His life affects too much to have it be anything less. But his life’s work is pre-determined by his contract with the Infinite. To a certain extent, he can determine how he wishes the work to unfold, but he cannot deviate from his purpose. He cannot allow the total inner silence to seduce him into inaction.

Phase 2 – Immortality

Type of Change: Transmutation

This is the incredible phase in which mortal matter is transmuted into immortal matter – ‘lead is turned into gold’. The whole event takes but minutes to complete and feels like a lightning flash throughout the body.

Testing: Addiction

The bliss that follows this transmutation far exceeds what was experienced before. Within the body of the Immortal Master, the energy lines zig-zag through the areas where the chakras used to be localized. In women they criss-cross from side to side and in men from front to back. They end in the area above the pineal gland, about four inches apart, and excrete a substance that is the hormone for this level of bliss (also called the life hormone). It can be tasted as a sweet substance in the back of the palate during intense bliss. Once again, addiction becomes the challenge.


The Immortal Mastery phase culminates in yet another spectacular alteration in the bodies of man. The spiritual mental body implodes to a pinprick of light and when it explodes, merges with the combined mental/etheric bodies and carries them outward, forming a large sphere around the body. The emotional bodies fill the sphere and the spirit body’s light-fibers radiate out from the life-force center through the sphere.


The unseen realms present an alluring detour during the third phase of Identity-consciousness. Yet now they become a way of life. They are no longer seen by the master to be outside of himself, so no longer present an enticement in the former way. But beings from the various unseen kingdoms we dwell amongst are attracted to the master’s light and enter his life. The master has to learn to know the many different idiosyncrasies of dealing with the various beings around him so that he can further refine his ability to benefit all life. This helps him resist the temptation of inactivity induced by bliss.

Phase 3 – Life More Abundant

Type of Change: Transfiguration

The change that occurs with this transfiguration is the apex of human achievement; it creates an evolutionary leap that only 9 Ascended Masters had made up until August 2005. When fully transfigured, the master exits the human kingdom and enters the God-Kingdom.

Testing: Power

We can surmise by looking at the previous third phases of the other two stages that this stage’s third phase also has something to do with power. The challenge here is to accumulate, harness and conserve enough power to shatter the glass-like shield that separates kingdoms. The master has to overcome the huge temptation of overpolarizing into the light; into the seasonless place of no emotion and great peace — the place of ultimate stagnation and inaction.


The life-force center explodes during this phase, forming a large ball of life-force, slightly larger than the sphere of mental bodies. The spirit body’s light fibers cluster into one rope extending from the assemblage point behind the shoulder blades, to the zero point portal that has formed behind the belly-button.


Ascended Masters have great perception. The greater our perception, the greater our emotions have to be. When emotions aren’t recognized and utilized as the growth mechanisms they are, these very large emotions can be deliberately disconnected in order to experience the peace of the bliss that plays through every cell at this point. But it is the power of emotion that will crack the ‘glass’ shield the master has to go through to get to the next kingdom. All chakras must be participating in creating this emotional response.

Most Ascended Masters live only in the upper chakras. It becomes necessary to re-awaken the lower chakras, re-activate the sex drive and use it to arouse the other emotions. With the power of emotion, the shield shatters, the zero point opening explodes to fill all the fields. The fields around the body explode to double their size. The chord of light fibers now elongates and loops from the assemblage point on the outside edge of the fields to the heart center and back again to the assemblage point. The master has become a god-being in the flesh.

The God-Kingdom – Future Destiny Of Man

A large leap of consciousness awaits man if he wishes to go beyond human boundaries. As we have seen, only 9 have made it across this boundary before 2005.

Unlike the 3 stages within the human kingdom, the God-Kingdom has two levels. It is essential that more and more humans enter the Godkingdom, as did Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Quan Yin, Sunat Kumara among others, because it is their destiny to change the inactivity found there. Humans are accustomed to struggle, and a great struggle awaits in the God-Kingdom to avoid succumbing to the inactivity and lack of growth in that realm. The struggle is against the huge enticement of bliss. Although we encounter bliss as a testing within the human stages, the bliss of this higher stage is eight times stronger. It becomes difficult to move even a limb and activity tends to slow almost to a standstill.

During the first phase of the God-Kingdom, the fields around the body are very enlarged. The small zero point opening found behind the belly-button of an Ascended Master explodes as the transition to the God-Kingdom is made. The zero point enlarges to fill the entire mental body, pushing the emotional body outside of the mental body.

The mental body (the sum total of all the mental bodies initially found in man, fused into one) starts to rotate. The chord of light fibers loops from the assemblage point through the heart and back again. During this phase emotions are felt much more intensely.


We ask for the courage to break through any limitations of perception that prevent us from being all we can be. May we earn the personal power to set us free from mortal boundaries; to rise like the phoenix from the ashes of disappointment and to pierce the veils of illusion that have obscured from man the possibility of his Godhood.

To Thee the glory, forever and ever.


Ascension and Resurrection

Resurrection and Ascension are often used interchangeably although they are completely separate phenomena. Ascension is a most sought after state of exaltation in the eyes of truth-seekers, but resurrection is a more evolved expression of spiritual achievement. The resurrected being has transcended the linear progression through cycles of life, death and ascension in repetitive cycles of existence.

The arena of existence we have been in for eons is surrounded by three mirrors of life known as (transformation), death (transmutation) and ascension (transfiguration). These mirrored existences that we have been rotating between have given the appearance of three-dimensionality, but cosmic life has been on a flat, two-dimensional screen forming the base of a pyramid.

Resurrection can be equated to the tip of the three-sided pyramid, giving the deeper experience of a three-dimensional, virtual reality. Its quality is transcendence, as it lives from a level beyond the planes of life, death and ascension. There is no level, nor any stage of these mirrored existences that is more holy than another; resurrection can just be described as a more refined and in-depth experience of individuation. This is similar to experiencing a 3D movie, rather than a two-dimensional projection.

Resurrection has two stages. In the first stage it combines the soul and body into one, prolonging life considerably and reducing the loss of resources that produces aging. In the second stage, the spirit combines with the merged body/soul and produces an even longer lifespan.

Ascension also has two stages: life eternal and life more abundant. The first stage transfigures the surrounding fields of the body, silencing the inner dialogue of the mind and expanding vision and perspective. The second stage balances the elements within the body so that death and rebirth into immortality can be postponed for thousands of years. The body’s tension is reduced and it becomes spiritualized or less dense.

It would appear that within the mirrored pyramid of existence, the repetition of the cycles of life is inevitable. This is not so however, since the pyramid is but an incubation chamber for an even greater life: individuated existence beyond the mirrors of existence. Matter rebirths from an entirely different building block of life, the subatomic particle of tonal luminosity. In this stage, one has moved beyond the evolutionary stages of man into godhood.