Ascension and Resurrection

Resurrection and Ascension are often used interchangeably although they are completely separate phenomena. Ascension is a most sought after state of exaltation in the eyes of truth-seekers, but resurrection is a more evolved expression of spiritual achievement. The resurrected being has transcended the linear progression through cycles of life, death and ascension in repetitive cycles of existence.

The arena of existence we have been in for eons is surrounded by three mirrors of life known as (transformation), death (transmutation) and ascension (transfiguration). These mirrored existences that we have been rotating between have given the appearance of three-dimensionality, but cosmic life has been on a flat, two-dimensional screen forming the base of a pyramid.

Resurrection can be equated to the tip of the three-sided pyramid, giving the deeper experience of a three-dimensional, virtual reality. Its quality is transcendence, as it lives from a level beyond the planes of life, death and ascension. There is no level, nor any stage of these mirrored existences that is more holy than another; resurrection can just be described as a more refined and in-depth experience of individuation. This is similar to experiencing a 3D movie, rather than a two-dimensional projection.

Resurrection has two stages. In the first stage it combines the soul and body into one, prolonging life considerably and reducing the loss of resources that produces aging. In the second stage, the spirit combines with the merged body/soul and produces an even longer lifespan.

Ascension also has two stages: life eternal and life more abundant. The first stage transfigures the surrounding fields of the body, silencing the inner dialogue of the mind and expanding vision and perspective. The second stage balances the elements within the body so that death and rebirth into immortality can be postponed for thousands of years. The body’s tension is reduced and it becomes spiritualized or less dense.

It would appear that within the mirrored pyramid of existence, the repetition of the cycles of life is inevitable. This is not so however, since the pyramid is but an incubation chamber for an even greater life: individuated existence beyond the mirrors of existence. Matter rebirths from an entirely different building block of life, the subatomic particle of tonal luminosity. In this stage, one has moved beyond the evolutionary stages of man into godhood.