Claiming Who You Are


Modesty doesn’t belong with God Consciousness. Humility does. Humility isn’t the misplaced modesty of thinking we are less than another. That is paying homage to another person’s arrogance.

Humility is acknowledging that everyone, no matter what detours he or she may choose, is an expression of God. There are variances in the amount of consciousness we are expressing, but there is no distinction in value. The life of the mass murderer in the street is as valuable as a saint’s life in revealing the mystery to the Infinite. He is just mirroring what the Infinite is not.

The second part of humility is acknowledging that we cannot possibly hope to know the totality of existence, since the unknowable constitutes the vast majority of the universe. This frees us to explore the tiny speck of the unknown that is in front of us. We can do so confidently, armed with impeccability as a shield, while playing the game “as if” we know. Remember, the game is played to stall for time to allow us to gain the necessary information or insights so surprise doesn’t drain our energy.

Speak as One with Your God-self

We need to make a final transition into speaking as one with our Godself. Beginners have a tendency to make elaborate explanations like, “By the grace of God, if He is willing, He’ll work through me and you’ll be healed.” This follows the image of being the flute and God blowing His music through us. But without the flute there would be no music. If we don’t claim our God-self, then by whose authority are we going to cast out demons or command a cancer virus to leave? If we truly believe that we are One with Spirit, it is a natural extension of ourselves to command, “Let there be Light!”

When we start to say, “I heal,” the last two connections are made in our body that is necessary to metamorphize it into an ascended master’s body. That means the I AM presence is awakened and this doesn’t occur until we claim who we are and speak our truth. This doesn’t mean we have to shout it from the rooftops. We can speak gently and infrequently, selecting only words that honor the god-goddess within. It is no longer to anybody’s advantage to pretend to be less than who we are.

Power is your Birthright

Don’t be afraid of power. It isn’t power over another; it is power over yourself.

The alternative to taking up our power is acquiescing to the world view that says we should follow others like sheep. Fear of power was reinforced by the genocide of over nine million in the name of eradicating witchcraft over six generations. The majority were women and ten percent were children. These people were labeled witches for simple acts such as healing a child’s boil, birthing a baby, performing a ceremony in the moonlight, or expressing gratitude to a river. It produced a deep scar in our psyche so it is understandable that many are frightened of power.

Those of the undeveloped light have frequently taken sacred symbols and rituals and turned them upside down. For example, the fivepointed star, with the single point upward, accesses the White Brotherhood. The undeveloped light uses it with the single point facing downward. We also tend to associate the unseen realms with the undeveloped light because the undeveloped light knows how to access them for power. All realms are part of the Divine; it is man’s intent that determines whether power is used for good or evil.

Some merely want to live in harmony and service, but where God expresses, there is beauty, love, wisdom, and power. There comes a point in fulfilling our blueprint where power is, naturally, the next step.To be powerful and effective in fulfilling the roles we have agreed to play is the highest service we can render. When we align ourselves with the powers of the universe we can create miracles. To be able to produce miracles on the physical plane, we have to manipulate it in the hidden realms. Great miracles are at our disposal when the hidden realms become as real to us as the physical realm.

When we successfully work through the stages of the Medicine Wheel, we develop the tools necessary to come into harmony with our Higher Self. This, in turn, enables us to gain the tools necessary to access the Higher Self of the planet that is the realm of the ascended masters. Then we are able to access the Higher Self of the universe. We are like mountain climbers connected by a ropeĀ—all the way to God. That connection gives us access to all the potential that can be expressed in this universe. This is how mystics bring to life the magic and miracles that we label impossible.

Many teachers will come forth during the next few years with the ability to disappear and materialize objects in front of us. It is important that we aren’t misled by what they do. Judge them instead by who they are. An impeccable teacher will guide you and show you how to live by the example of his or her life. He or she won’t tell you how to live.

Some teachers want to foster dependency for financial reasons, plus it strokes their egos. Look closely to see if the teacher is stuck on the label of being a master and whether he or she has an agenda with the students.

Be cautious with words because they shouldn’t be taken at face value. When presented with new information (including mine), use discernment and determine that which resonates in harmony with the song of your heart, gently allowing the rest to roll away like water off a duck’s back.

There are times when Spirit instructs us to pick up the sword, but it is never our idea. These times are extremely rare. I have been asked to unravel another’s plan only a few times. It was done with complete detachment to outcome, knowing that if anything in my life needed to be unraveled, that it would occur as well.

Treat power like the emergency supply of food in the garage. It is there if we need it but it isn’t part of the regular stock. How powerful we are as Light workers is determined by how much energy we can gather and allow to flow through us. Power enables us to move our assemblage point, meaning we are capable of experiencing separate worlds (holograms) which are available to mankind. If we go beyond those, we shape-shift into animals and other lifeforms. These worlds are separated from us only by vibration.

The general world view has a huge misconception about power in believing that advanced races create externally. The opposite is true. If a highly evolved being wants to travel, he spins light fields around his body and creates a moving disc of light. If he is cold, he regulates his internal thermostat. He chooses whether to obtain energy by consuming food or pulling it in directly from light. Since the internal body is clean, body odors don’t form and dirt doesn’t stick to him.

When we claim our power, we can change the course of history. We are powerful enough to program a peaceable transition and unconditional planetary ascension, where all people are taken along. We can create a life filled with grace and a safe future for humanity.

Living Within Contraction

Those living within contraction have traditionally been priests and shepherds rather than kings and conquerors. They seek joy versus passion; to walk in a cool, green forest rather than search for a lost treasure. Their roots are deep and their connection with the earth strong. They enjoy simple pleasures and get contentment from creating.

Service as a Master

From the ultimate state of being, our service is pure. That means we take our next step with no expectations and no attachment to results. We perform the task at hand with complete focus and attention to the moment, observing without judgment. This is living in meditation — the place of inner stillness, innocence, and power.

As lightworkers our actions need to be frugal, otherwise we deplete our energy. When we are still enough to hear guidance from our Higher Self, we will be able to honor the rhythms of the universe — the periods of rest and activity. There is a day and a night. There is a season for planting, a season for growing, a season for harvesting and a season for rest.

When the unexpected comes, a master acts with self confidence — even if he stares death in the face. This way he remains clear to the last minute. Death is an ominous force stalking those who are unconscious, but to a master, it is his strength. He lives every day as if death is on his doorstep and since he is facing the worst, nothing else can scare him. This prompts him to live on the edge with a vibrancy, noticing everything and finding pleasure in simple things. A master is vigilant in anticipating problems but lives joyously in the moment, expecting perfection. In this regard, death becomes our ally because it reminds us of our probable demise and to begin living every day fully. This lifestyle is a great contrast to the majority who are living a half-dead existence.

As spiritual masters, it is important that we take our light into the world and live our truth. We are the monks without monasteries, and we need to live in the streets amongst the masses. Many have ascended while in seclusion. This time it is different. We are clearing all our parallel lives and ancestral issues so that the planet can ascend. We have specifically designed life among the masses to do this because the density accelerates growth.

The interaction also allows us to have an effect on a greater number of people. We do this by the electromagnetic frequency we emit. When others come in contact with this energy field, it causes limitations or constricting beliefs to instantly manifest. In this way it creates a potential environment for mental, emotional, or physical healings to occur.

When everyone’s limitations start manifesting, the outward appearance seems chaotic. Interpreting an event as chaotic is merely a lack of perception because when viewed from a higher perspective, it could be a lower order de-structuring to emerge as divine order.

The majority of people seem to be busy searching for something to come in from the outside, yet that yearning is for unity with our Higher Self. When reached, our human awareness that has separated once again returns to wholeness.

The Journey Back to the Heart of God

From the book Journey to the Heart of God

The Red Road

The out-breath of God, the cycle of expansion away from the heart of God, has been designed to explore the unknown. Driven by the emotion of passion, we have been journeying on the red road away from Source into realms made dense by unyielded light.

This universe, the densest and newest of all universes, has been on the cutting edge where all life pushes into the unknown. In these dense levels light and frequency are easily distorted. Here, the passion with which we, the One expressing as the many, set out on this journey of exploration often becomes aggression. This is particularly the case when not balanced with joy.

From a very large perspective, our journey has slowed and progress has become more labored. The law of compensation decrees that when something is taken away, something else has to be given. Because of the loss of speed in our progress, diversity is substituted. Not only are our learning opportunities enhanced by the great diversity of life forms in this density, but also by the diversity of experiences.

The slowing down of the cosmic movement has slowed time. As a result, a given period such as a year may still feel like a year to us, but contains many more experiences to learn from since it may actually be the equivalent of ten years. Psychologically it feels as though time has sped up.

As previously mentioned, the first reason for this slowing of the cycle of expansion is that the polarity between dark and light has lessened. Second, on the edge of the cycle of expansion, we’re starting to be pulled not only forwards by the unknown, but also backwards by our own inner feminine. When we reach the edge of time and space allotted for this cycle of expansion, the pull from our own feminine will finally prevail and pull us back on the blue road home.

The red road on the journey of expansion and the blue road on the journey of contraction can be compared to the red blood moving through the arteries away from the heart, and the blue blood moving back through the veins. We receive non-cognitive information from the various levels of light through the minuscule chakras located in every cell. This is then downloaded into the red arterial blood. As blue blood it returns to the heart where it is interpreted by the thymus.

The red road we have been on has been dominated by mental energy. It has ballooned into greater and greater complexity. Like the red blood, it has become laden with information to be carried with us back into oneness, that the One may become enriched by the experiences of the many.

As a microcosm of the macrocosm, life on Earth mirrors the state of increasing complexity: in its population explosion, its consumerism, its ballooning budget deficits and inflation, its inflated debt structures, the increasing complexity in judicial and governmental sections, the escalating burden on the environment. All these are indicators that the electrical (masculine, mental) is so overbalanced that we are ready to catapult into contraction.

The Blue Road

Whether we speak of the blue road (the cycle of contraction) of life on earth or in the cosmos, they will have many similarities. First, the change from expansion to contraction happens in the twinkling of an eye when critical mass is reached. Second, at the beginning of either cycle, when our journey is influenced by the very strong pull of only one opposite pole (unlike at the end of a cycle when our journey is pulled by two opposite poles like a tug of war), change is incredibly rapid.

The most dominant characteristic of our journey home is its destructuring nature and its tendency to simplify and reduce. Much of what we know will simply become obsolete. The criteria for what remains is whether it increases joy within the cosmos. To provide joy to all life, it has to be enhancing of indwelling life.

As the cycle of contraction is emotional and introspective, the best preparation light-promoters can make is to come home to themselves; to achieve a balanced relationship with their inner pieces and attain emotional sovereignty. It is essential that we gain the unshakeable realization that our being is our sustenance; that we become our own source of happiness and support. The mode of seeking what we need outside ourselves is prevalent during the time life expands, but will not survive the time of contraction.

We are entering a time when life will get rid of that which has not yielded its insights. It is time for the shallow life filled with unexamined diversity to make way for deep, meaningful living. If we shed those things in life that cannot make our hearts sing, they can be gracefully replaced by what does, or we can wait for cataclysmic change to do it for us.

The reason we have depleted not only our environment, but also ourselves, is because of our insatiable appetite to fill ourselves from the outside, and since this cannot be done, we take far more than we need. Frugality does not mean that we forfeit abundance, but that we cease to need and therefore receive from a position of fullness only that which is ours to take.

As our inner world becomes our strength and support, we act only when needed. We fight only those battles where perception can be gained and we interact sparingly with others. No longer do we waste energy with words. Our life has become the disciplined life of a warrior against illusion. Like a master, we find our joy in the moment, gracefully surrendering to change — our hearts leading the way.