Methods of Ascension: Heart and Mind

Ascension can be achieved through the heart or through the mind. The right-brain method of Ascension occurs through pure feelings of love, praise and gratitude. The left-brain method is accomplished through logic and mastering the mind.

The goal of both methods is to allow the cells to fill with light and to vibrate at the frequency of eternal love. The light is masculine (electrical) and the love is feminine (magnetic). The balance of the two allows the glory of the Infinite to emerge.

Love is the core ingredient in both methods, but it comes through the ascension attitudes to those who are right-brain dominant. Left-brain oriented people are just as capable of divine love but they generally use logic and reasoning. They access the love within by expanding their perception, enabling them to see behind fear and release it. When fear dissolves, love remains.

The Right-Brain Method: The Three Ascension Attitudes

Many people are very much in touch with their feelings. They aren’t logically inclined and so don’t question what they feel. They function primarily from the right brain and find it natural to be immersed in the three ascension attitudes of Love, Praise and Gratitude. This is the feminine approach.

If we live continually in the pure vibration of any one of these attitudes for a few months we change from mortal to immortal, becoming an ascended master in the flesh. This occurs because love, praise and gratitude are attitudes indicating we have chosen life. They signal the pituitary gland to order the thymus to excrete the life hormone so our cells are continually renewed.


The majority of right-brain oriented people with ascend through praise. Praise sees only the perfection. One outward expression of this is devout singing; another may be prayer. Praise raises our eyes above the storm for it has no regard for fear or external circumstances.

The Belvaspata Sigil for Praise

Praise has everything to do with awareness. If we start to become aware, we will find reasons to praise the Creator even when we’ve had a rough day; our boss is unreasonable, the pot has boiled over on the stove, the kids are screaming and the phone is alive. We need to stop and take a deep breath; it is spring, flowers are in full bloom, the air is soft and warm. Focus on the positive things in our life and realize that we are spiritual beings having human experience.

Some people use praise like a drug. It is a high and they may use it to escape reality. If that is the case, it has become a dysfunctional addiction. Continual praise is healthy only when the individual is balanced and incorporates it into the order of his daily life.


Gratitude is the next most common option for right-brain ascension. To feel grateful for all things, we need to know that everything is in divine order — even the seemingly negative occurrences.

The Belvaspata Sigil for Gratitude

Before we can be grateful for all things we need to see them as gifts, knowing it is an honor to undergo these challenges because it evolves the consciousness of the Infinite. If we live that attitude, so-called problems tend to dissolve. Hardships decrease and we start to walk in grace.


The most difficult right-brain option is through love because it requires that no fear be present. Fear is the desire to retreat and it blocks our alignment with the intent of the universe which is to enfold all things within itself. Love doesn’t come online as a state of being until we align ourselves with this intent. When we do, love vibrates through the bodies’ cells.

The Belvaspata Sigil for Love

Colors of Ascension

Each of the three Ascension Attitudes represents a color. Love is blue, praise is yellow, gratitude is red. When they are combined, it makes white light — the light of the Infinite. These are the white garments of the saints spoken of in the scriptures — the white light emanating from their skin.

Praise and gratitude banish fear; therefore love follows. Faith in the Infinite and surrender to the Divine Will are the components of devotion, which melts fear and brings forth love. It is necessary for fear to be removed since it is the opposite of love. They cannot exist simultaneously.

We cultivate the three Ascension Attitudes through perspective. Start by thinking the most beautiful thoughts possible and focusing on what we have rather than what we do not. Even if we can find only one thing to be grateful for and focus on it, our perception expands. Soon we are able to see further and further behind the appearances.

The Left-Brain Method: Mastering the Mind

If we are driven to understand who we are and insights hold great value, then we are left-brain oriented.

The primary goal of the left-brain method is to master the mind, to put the elements of the known in order so we can access the unknown. The techniques used to master the mind can change the molecular structure and cause ascension to take place. Throughout the ages these techniques have often been misunderstood and given rise to deviance such as: deprivation of pleasure; living an austere life of seclusion in monasteries; using mind-altering drugs or putting the body through turmoil and torture. We only need to become free from limiting perception by using life as our tutorand return to our natural state, which is love.

The left-brain process can be compared to the spiraling progress on the circular medicine wheel. Though we go round and round through the directions, the walk never ends. As we complete one circuit of the wheel, we go around again, moving up one level since the wheel is actually an unending spiral.

The first spiral is the path of the initiate and its goal is self-empowerment. It deals with overcoming, or releasing, the past through recapitulation. There are nine questions to be addressed in releasing the past:

  • What is the lesson?

  • What is the contract?

  • What is the role?

  • What is the mirror?

  • What is the gift?

  • Can I allow?

  • Can I release?

  • Can I be grateful?

When the individual has honestly and thoroughly explored each of these questions as they apply to himself and his situation and accepts their truths, his bonds begin to fall away. If we have gone through these nine steps and can feel true gratitude for insights gained, consciousness is raised, we are assisted in connecting with our higher light bodies and turning hardships into ascension tools.

If we have completed the first 8 steps and do not feel gratitude, we need to go back and do them again.

Our relationships are temples of initiation that bring to the surface things we haven’t overcome. The people who are closest to us; our spouses, partners, partners, immediate family, bosses, coworkers and friends all have contracts to push us into growth. That is why there is so much friction in intimate relationships.

The majority of what we believe and even who we think we are is a result of social conditioning. It comes in the form of identity labels and world views, from our parents, society and the culture we live in. it is important to release the social beliefs we accept as truth and begin to access truth independently. When we do so, we overcome these limitations and operate from the position of an observer. This yields strength.

You will notice that part of each spiral is the overcoming of social conditioning.

Releasing Fear

Those who wish to control us want us to live in fear. To become uncontrollable, we must release our fears and expectations. If a fear surfaces, give it a voice and ask why it is scared. After the fear has stated its case take these three steps:

  • Call for assistance from the Divine to remove the fear

  • Command the fear to leave

  • Issue the command, ‘Let there be light’, so the void that had been created will be filled again

One thing we need to be aware of is that the fear may not have originated from within us. It could stem from an outside source and we may be giving that vibration a home. This happens frequently, so always investigate the source. If it isn’t your fear, banish it immediately and then ask why you allowed the outside negativity to reside within you.

Overcoming Fear of Death

Death is optional. If we move into ascension, our cells will become quickened and flooded with Spirit. This is the second birth referred to in the Bible. Death is a purification rite. We have made it a recurring part of our life by our limiting thoughts and imperfection.

Many people associate death and rebirth with a wheel perpetuated by karma. The common belief surrounding karma is a misperception. Karma is a dispersal energy that wants to remove constrictions in the universal flow of energy. If we fill ourselves with light, there is no more karma. It is our sacred duty to overcome death, setting others free from its grip by paving the way.