Releasing Fears

Fear is the opposite of love. Love is the highest vibration in the universe. Everything that isn’t in harmony with that vibration is a distortion of it. The distortion of fear is what gives the appearance that one part of life is more valid than another, that which we define as good or evil.

Our fears originate from incorrect perceptions perpetuated by social conditioning from the past. In fact, fears are emotions that masquerade as feelings. When we learn to see correctly, it releases the belief system associated with the fear and it dissolves.

When we know that we are the One expressing as many, it becomes clear that for us to fear another is to fear ourselves.

Those who wish to control us want us to live in fear. To become uncontrollable, we have to release our fears and expectations. We have to cease to need and know our being is our sustenance. When viewed from a higher perspective, all fears are irrational because love is all there is and all distortions are but an illusion. The illusions are in place due to a peculiarity of perception. We see life upside down, the same way that images register on the retina. A fear is a universal truth turned upside down, and to conquer it, we merely need to turn it right side up.

If a fear surfaces, give it a voice and ask why it is scared. Fear may respond, “I’m scared of the maniac out there who is going to kill me.” Then respond in a way to educate and soothe, “But who is this maniac? The maniac and I are One expressing as two individuals. For me to fear this maniac, I literally have to fear myself. For me to heal the maniac, I have to heal myself.”

Removing fear is important because fear causes our energy lines to bend inward and that deprives us of power. Power is present when our energy lines flow outward. When we release fear, we automatically become the vibration of love. This allows the life force center to move up to the heart chakra and radiate love in all directions. At this point, we grasp the value of all beings and pour forth our love indiscriminately, regardless as to whether he or she is playing the role of light or undeveloped light.

One thing to be aware of is that the fear we are experiencing may not have originated from within us. It could be stemming from an outside source and we may be giving that vibration a home. This happens frequently, so always investigate the source. If it isn’t your fear, banish it immediately. Then ask for the lesson as to why you allowed outside negativity to reside within you.


The biggest fear most beings have is death, yet death is perpetuated by our thoughts. It is the creation of the surface mind that has spread through mass hypnosis, until the majority believes it to be real. Death and dying and decay have never been God’s will. Eternal life is intended now, not after we die.

Death is optional. If we move into ascension our cells will become quickened and flooded with Spirit. This is the second birth that is referred to in the Holy Bible. Death is a purification rite. We have made it a reoccurring part of life by our limiting thoughts and imperfection.

Many people associate death and rebirth with a wheel perpetuated by karma. The common belief surrounding karma is a misperception. Nothing in the universe is guilty of a wrongful act because everything is, and always has been, in divine order. If we see with limited vision, it causes a constriction in the etheric body and the energy becomes blocked. As a result, we have to create similar circumstances over and over, until we see clearly. Karma is a dispersal energy that wants to remove constrictions in the universal flow of energy. If we fill ourselves with light, there is no more karma.

We can think of death as a force that rolls against the sphere of light that surrounds the body. Mystical traditions called this force the Tumbler. When we are in harmony with all life, the Tumbler has a hard time causing aging and decay and death. Our sphere remains strong when it is constantly being fed by all of life, then the Tumbler cannot wear it down. If our sphere is weak, it cracks and folds upon itself, resembling the shape of an embryo, and we die. After death our life force stays in the sphere of light anywhere from 3-72 hours and the spirit lingers near the body. When it completely crumbles and all life force leaves, the spirit moves through to the third and fourth overtones of the fourth dimension.

It is our sacred duty to overcome death, setting others free from its grip by paving the way.

Lack of Self-Worth

At the root of many problems is a lack of self-worth and the fear of not measuring up.

The sometimes subtle tyranny our parents hold over us needs to be severed. As an infant, we make the mistake of equating them with God. Then we see this parent-God as withdrawing his love from us when we don’t do exactly as he says. That means we cannot depend on God to love us unconditionally. The churches that claimed God would withdraw His love when we didn’t do what He said, further reinforced this concept. This type of tyranny makes us believe we need to live up to other’s expectations to survive or be loved.

This sets the stage for competition because we are afraid of not being good enough. This perpetuates the “every man for himself” mentality that has dominated society.

Another fallacy we bought into is that our body should look a certain way. For example, we may think our stomach is too big. Who told us it is better to have a flat stomach? Who set these guidelines? Learn to love and honor every piece of the body. It is the temple that houses the soul. It is sacred and perfect–just the way it is.

The concept of not measuring up is an illusion given by those who wish to control us. Not one of us has been short changed. Our Higher Self gave us exactly what we need to fulfill our destiny

Fear of Destitution

The fear of destitution isn’t determined by our income. It is due to a lack of understanding how we manifest abundance.

People who behave selfishly and with greed think they have to grab from others because nobody else is going to take care of them. They are overlooking the fact that they are in charge of their own sustenance.

We manifest continually, whether consciously or unconsciously. The preferred method is to do it consciously. Unaware people manifest by default and their limiting thoughts and dysfunctional pieces create a seeming lack of abundance. If we aren’t having abundance, it is due to blocked perception. Perception attracts a similar vibration. Therefore, what we believe occurs. That is the basis of faith: a mindset reproduces itself – the sixth Creational Power.

Perfect creation is accomplished through the heart, using love. Thoughts fall into the reservoir of the heart and act upon the substance of things hoped for. The substance of things hoped for is a delicate energy that is everywhere in existence, even in what we call the Void. (Technically there is no such thing as the Void because everything is within the Infinite’s awareness.)

Emotion fuels manifestation. If our perception is one of victimhood, the emotion it creates is I need help or to be fixed. This creates more circumstances where we are going “to need” assistance from others.

The Five Laws of Abundance

  1. Give that you may get: If you hoard money, you dam up the flow. Give money to the beggar in the street; a flower for a co-worker; a candle for yourself. As you give, the Infinite has to give too and it opens the sluices of supply.

  2. Money is love: If someone charges us $1,000 for a bottle of water, we have to discern whether we wish to manifest the money to pay for it. Is it worth it to us? If it isn’t, then simply release it, with no judgment or resentment. Love is inclusive, so if we pretend money is love, it ripples outward until it includes all of creation. Therefore, all of creation’s abundance is ours. It is a law that multiplies. On the other hand, if we view money as separate from us – something we need to get because we don’t have any – it accentuates lack.

  3. Sowing and reaping: There is always the option of working an extra job. However, sowing to reap is the least of the laws when our perception is locked on the result to acquire money. There is nothing inappropriate about working one job or five, what matters is our attitude towards them. The higher law is: we don’t sow that we may reap; we simply sow because we have seeds in our hands.

  4. Bloom where you are planted: Create the mold by being specific about what we want16 and then release it, so it may be filled. In the meantime, it doesn’t matter that we are dishwashers and we want to be doctors. The key is to bloom where we are planted. We are in this job and the dishwashing is in front of us, so we dedicate that work to God. The gates of heaven will open for us if we take whatever we have as a task and perform it gloriously.

  5. Gratitude is an expansive attitude: There is an ancient scripture that says, “Unto he who is grateful shall be added one hundred-fold, and he shall be made glorious.” Gratitude increases the flow of abundance. When we say, “Thank you, Spirit,” with genuine gratitude, it goes to the heart of There is a difference between “want” and “need”. A want is merely a preference, whereas a need is the result of seeing an outside thing, person or circumstance as essential for us to be complete. the Divine. Our gratitude opens the windows of heaven and abundance pours through. When we send forth gratitude, the universe returns it by giving us more to be grateful for. Gratitude stems from realizing that God sends us either lessons or gifts, and they are both the same.

If our only goal is making money, then we will be limited with that as our only exchange. It is a better plan to leave the universe in our debt. If we do so, the universe has to pay us, and it is going to do one of two things. Either it is going to pay us with money or with increased power and knowledge. Many healers who do their work for money only, become stuck at that level of ability. It is necessary in this society to have a flow of income, and charging for spiritual gifts is acceptable, as long as we realize that will be our reward. We may want to consider giving some of our spiritual gifts for free, in addition to our usual spiritual work, in order to keep the flow of money, or increased abilities, coming.

If we leave the universe in our debt, it is always equalized. State the amount of money you want to flow to you each month and allow Spirit to deliver it from whomever or whatever means it finds. Have the faith to know that the money will find its way to you, so you can relax and freely give some of your gifts and abilities. If you do this lovingly, Spirit will reward you with increased knowledge and capabilities. The principle of tithing is based upon this law.

This style of manifesting utilizes the creating of a vacuum. For example, if you need a pair of pantyhose. Say, God, please help me get the pantyhose, and open the vacuum within by creating the want. When you do that, the universe will rush in to fill it. The next day, someone will hand you a pair of pantyhose.

This isn’t focusing on lack. It is establishing a desire with hopeful anticipation. In I Corinthians 13 it says, Now shall remain faith, hope and charity. The principle of hope is generally misunderstood. It is a form of waiting for a mold we have created to be filled. Firstly, it is important not to come from need, but from want. It is merely stating our preference. Once you are clear with your intent, state what you want in great detail. If we don’t get the pantyhose, that is fine. We will wear the shoes without them.

While we wait with a knowingness that it will manifest, act as if we already have it. Visualize yourself using this object or personal characteristic with great love, stating how wonderful it is and how grateful you are to have it. This technique is highly effective because like attracts like.

Declaring the desire, fueling it with emotion, and giving birth to the creation are right-brain, feminine aspects of manifesting. It needs to be balanced with the left-brain, masculine aspects of discipline and structure, which is keeping the focus, applying will, learning to make money grow and setting boundaries with money so we don’t leak this crystallized form of energy. This is stewardship.

For example, a woman may effortlessly manifest money. Consequently, she may adhere to the philosophy that if somebody genuinely needs money, she gives it. She doesn’t worry that she has just given away the grocery and gas money because she knows she can manifest more. So she gives and gives. Eventually, she will find herself in debt because the flow needs to be balanced with management. This is to mirror that she needs to develop the skill of harnessing money and become a good steward.

According to the rules of good stewardship, we have to consider whether giving money to solve others’ money problems is being co-dependent. Beyond that, she may be seeing them as victims and not honoring the fact that they created this situation to learn a lesson. We need to make sure our money, which is universal energy, flows freely, but at the same time, we have to be careful not to feed another’s self-image of lack.

Another way people perpetuate the image of lack is by asking, “Can I afford this?” That implies a mindset that says, “I am limited.” Although I am not suggesting we buy a million-dollar yacht if our annual income is $25,000, it does mean that we spend within our general budget without worrying about every dime of every purchase. The goal is that the energy surrounding the purchase be one of abundance and gratitude — knowing the money is there and when those dollars are spent, more will rush in to fill the vacuum.

Make sure your buying isn’t due to un-recapitulated areas in your life. For example, you had a favorite red coat as a child and your mother gave it to another child who was cold and didn’t own a coat. As an adult, you now buy two red coats for your daughter. If this purchase reawakens pleasant memories of how glorious you felt in your red coat, that is fine. If it stems from a buried resentment or a compensatory motive, it is causing you to react and you may wish to release it.

The payoff for taking charge of our own sustenance is that we cease to need, and when we cease to need, we become uncontrollable.