What is Ascension?

Welcome! You are about to explore the essential elements of your life journey, as well as that of the rest of creation, as all existence returns to its Source. In this series of discussions, that process will be referred to as ‘Ascension’.

The dictionary defines ascension as rising to a higher level or degree. We are using the term to describe the rise of the consciousness of man and of the Earth – because they are intertwined – as they manifest their divine nature and purpose.

While ascension is inevitable, individual choices determine its pace. We can be active participants, cooperating to the extent of growing availability. We can be passive, riding the coattails of those in the vanguard. Or we can resist, delaying our progress and to some extent, impeding others. But ascend, we will. The pace and degree of pain and frustration is up to each of us.

Where and how to begin?

Having determined to participate actively in our own Ascension, we must understand that there is no fixed destination. We will never ‘arrive’, but endlessly explore and expand the perfection of our being.

What will we need on the way?

This is possibly the most difficult and painful step we will take but it is also the most critical. The single indispensable element is our ‘Self ‘. While the core of our being is a facet of the Infinite Creator, it is overlaid with environmental and social conditioning. We have to get rid of a lot of baggage as we drastically re-assess our inherent attitudes and habits.

Unpacking for the Trip

Step One: Welcoming Change

It’s amazing how resistant we are to change and its challenges. Even positive change causes a degree of disruption or discomfort. Since our Self is the single constant in the journey and has accumulated experiential and socially conditioned ways of viewing and dealing with our world, we are now required to subject that Self to some ruthless, unflinching examination.

The first challenge we face is the realization that our environment is a mirror to our Self. The feedback we get from others reflects our own attitude and expression, as does the quality of our physical surroundings. While all challenges entail change, by no means are all of them painful, especially when we become open to the lessons that lie behind the obvious. The most valuable perspectives are often revealed by the challenges that show us who or what we are not. As we become more adept at seeing behind appearances, the more effortlessly we learn the lessons.

There are three ways to learn…

  1. First, is to heed the gentle prodding of Spirit. This may appear as an intuitive instruction, an inner voice or visual signs appearing either during the dream state or while we are awake.
  2. We can wait for the hard knocks – the 2×4 on the head as Spirit tries to wake us from our nightmare.
  3. Grace allows an instantaneous awakening. When grace occurs, those dysfunctional elements in our lives stand out like sore thumbs, begging to be brought into harmony. Living in grace allows us to hear the whispers of Spirit and make decisions based on the highest reflection of who we are.

As we learn to embrace our challenges, our spiritual journey is greatly accelerated. Within our challenges lie our deepest insights, and insight brings power; therefore, challenges are our power sources. While learning to embrace change, it is important not to get stuck on one set of truths. Today’s truth is not tomorrow’s truth, so hold your beliefs lightly. Truth changes because perception changes, and what we call reality is merely a perception.

Science has led us to discount the magic behind life to the extent that we tend to believe the only reality is that which can be proven with the limited tools available to us or through the direct experience of our senses.

Linear time is one example of this peculiar perception. It is said that humanity invented time to keep things from happening all at once. That makes it a particularly valuable learning tool because it enables us to see the relation between cause and effect. The denser the physical environment, the longer the gap between cause and effect. We created the dense planet on which we live to give us time to make mistakes and experience the unknown parts of ourselves.

Step Two: Revealing the Perfection

It is our sacred duty to be healthy and whole; otherwise, we send a discordant ripple through the consciousness of mankind. Sickness is indicative of something being out of balance.

Healing isn’t merely removing the physical symptom. We need to look at why there is imbalance, because our aches and pains are spirit’s way of signaling us to deal with the root of the problem. Spirit says, through the language of pain, ‘This aspect needs to be brought back into harmony.’

The body desires that all its parts function in perfect harmony. That is why it alerts us when something needs to be brought into alignment. Be aware, that includes our emotions, thoughts, and actions. If anything is out of balance, it eventually manifests in the physical body.

If we develop a sickness or disease or injure ourselves, keep in mind that we created it. When we embrace the root problem and correct it, the pain goes away. Wholeness is what remains when we heal ourselves on every level; mentally, emotionally and physically.

However, becoming balances on all of these levels is no easy task, for during this incarnation we are integrating all of our lifetimes and solving all of the problems incurred during each. As a result, we need to be patient with ourselves as we walk the spiral of healing over and over until not one cobweb from any lifetime remains.

Healing Others

Assisting others to heal is a great service. but we need to remember that ultimately everyone heals himself. The highest service is to show others how to make themselves whole. If we simply healed without educating the person about why the disease manifested, the same problem would recur in one form or another. If we heal a man without guidance as to cause, we are not honoring the fact that he masterfully manifested that condition for potential personal growth. We would be seeing him as a helpless person needing to be rescued.

We Create Our Reality

Our most prominent thought coupled with feeling is really a prayer and it is that which creates our reality. Thoughts flow into the reservoir of the heart and act on the substance of things hoped for. It is a living, delicate substance that fills the entire universe and responds to our thoughts and feelings, setting in motion that which results in physical manifestation.

It is important that we start taking absolute responsibility for our lives and the condition of the world. We created the seemingly imperfect conditions on our planet through our limited thoughts. When millions of people are thinking negative thoughts, it registers on the grid and they manifest more easily. Guarding our thoughts has become more imperative than ever, especially since the time lapse between what we think and its physical manifestation is becoming shorter and shorter.

When we realize that we create our destiny, we know we are in control of our abundance. The Infinite wants us to have abundance, wealth and beauty. We must learn to trust in ourselves and know that we are connected to the Source that breathed life into us. Then we can lie back in the arms of the Infinite and simply be, having faith that we will be taken care of.