What We Resist Persists

Attention feeds energy; therefore we empower that which we focus on and attract that which we fear. This is one of the hidden laws of the universe.

Some are laboring diligently to change the world in an attempt to correct what they think is wrong. The error in that reasoning is: we strengthen that which we oppose. The more we focus on a problem, the more we empower it. For example, when the media sensationalizes a situation, it promotes more of the same. Even though it is presented as opposition, they are still strengthening it because they are giving it energy. The same is true if we continually focus on a disease–we magnify it. In addition, the negative thoughts weaken our auric field and we become susceptible to other harmful things. If we don’t feed something, however, it grows weaker and weaker.

When we attempt to right a wrong, it divides because we have placed a judgment on it as not being in alignment with the divine will of Spirit. This is separative thinking. However, if we acknowledge the wholeness of a circumstance or person, it will uplift and heal. This is inclusive thinking.

We cannot return to Source as long as we exclude anything. This doesn’t mean we condone unworthy acts, but recognize instead, the innocence of all roles being acted out for our benefit. This helps us see that only light exists and we can drop the belief that there are places where God is not. It is in recognizing the dark as part of ourselves that we can embrace it within our hearts, and as we find ourselves returning to the oneness of the heart of God, we take those that represent the dark with us.

In the past I had staff members who did not want to deal with victims of abuse. They claimed, “That is the dark and we only want to work with the light.” I replied, “But we are all things, so we are also those things.”

Another example is a friend in London who works against child slavery. Child slave labor is prevalent in the Orient, India, and South America. Children are forced to labor long days and often don’t receive any money, only food and shabby shelter as payment. Many of the girls end up as sex slaves or working in the tapestry mills where they cannot earn enough money to support themselves. They are then stuck for life at the mercy of their employers.

Many parents are tricked. The slave trader comes to a village and says, “Give your children to me so I can educate them. Look at this photo of these healthy, happy kids dressed in uniforms, studying their books.” So the parents are persuaded to allow their children to go with these people because they think they are going to school. The way to combat this is to not combat it. A better approach is to shed light onto the situation by making people aware. Use information to inform parents of what is really happening to their children. Expose the conditions of the children to the public through the mass media. As readers or viewers become aware, it creates a wave of compassion and that wave of energy will start to alter the circumstances.

By all means let us do whatever Spirit places before us, but let us strive to see with the eyes of God and act without judging or having an attachment to the outcome. Let us remember that all is in divine order.

The Language of Pain

At a spiritual level, all illness, pain, disease, and injuries are the language of Spirit telling us what aspect of our lives needs to be brought into harmony with who we are. Therefore, it is wise to examine what is behind the symptom and ask for the lesson, then embrace it and release it. When we release core issues, the illness, pain or disease goes away.

If there is no need for the language of pain to get our attention, we won’t become sick. Nobody causes another person to get sick. A sickness that is labeled contagious certainly has the potential to spread, but it cannot invade the body if we are balanced and have healthy boundaries. The only time a germ or virus slips in, is if we have forsaken ourselves by suppressing the sub-personalities or engaging in self-deprecating thoughts or beliefs. We become immune to disease when we balance the emotional body and we are home for ourselves by reconnecting the sub-personalities and allowing them freedom of expression.

Accidents don’t occur to those who walk in balance. If we have no cause for an accident to manifest, we will walk in grace, even if we are in the center of an earthquake or hurricane. The language of pain includes injuries from accidents, because in truth, there is no such thing as an accident. We masterfully manifested the incident. If pain is the language of Spirit , what is the language of the soul? It is our feelings. When we have done something that feels wonderful, we have just lived our highest truth. If we follow our feelings, we automatically walk our highest truth.


Spirit as used in this context, pertains to our Highest self as a being as vast as the cosmos. It is when we aren’t remembering this true identity that disease occurs. Soul, on the other hand, relates to our Higher Self, our fourth-dimensional aspect that has designed our assignments for this life. It communicates the assignments to our higher bodies, which in turn communicates it to our emotional body (assuming the mental body lets these messages through). Then it is felt in the heart.

We must be careful when it comes to feelings, though, because fears can masquerade as feelings. Feelings are also frequently confused with emotions. I would like to clarify this so when we are analyzing the language of pain, we know the difference.

Feelings vs. Emotions

Feeling is a way to access information that isn’t accessible to reason. It bypasses the mind. Therefore, feeling is a non cognitive way of getting information, which registers as an intuitive knowing. Feeling is the right brain accessing the unknown. It deals with things beyond the five senses and logic. Emotion has as its foundation, desire.

How to Deal with Pain

When experiencing a painful situation, don’t analyze it while you are feeling the initial emotion. That clouds judgment. Just experience the emotion. Afterwards, when you are calm and can access the feeling without it being colored by emotion, then use your left brain and see intuition behind the appearances so you can embrace the lesson. (If we are tangled up in emotions, we may miss the core lesson and then we have to create a similar circumstance later.)

To change our emotions, we need to alter our perception. It works in reverse too, because altering emotion causes altered perception. The two work hand-in-hand. It is necessary for the sake of clarity to explain the different meanings of the word love: Divine love is a state of being that remains when all fear is removed. Love can also be the desire to include, which makes it an emotion. Love can also be a vibration in the cells that resonates with the intent of the universe. And the intent of the universe is to include all of creation within itself. Divine love is unconditional.

We don’t need to worry about how to generate it because we already are love. Simply remove all fear by seeing behind the appearances and the filter obstructing love will be removed.

Sentimental love is a joyous emotion that results from believing that another completes us. We may choose a partner who brings in what we don’t have, or haven’t developed yet, or have given away. Consequently, in his or her presence we experience wholeness. It is a false sense of wholeness, but it can elicit joy. That explains why some people feel they have no identity away from the union as a couple. The same feeling of joy that results from sentimental love, can be developed within ourselves by balancing our emotional aspects.

Compassion is a response of empathy to another’s emotions and the subsequent interpretation of it. Unlike divine love, the compassionate response to another changes as perception alters, taking on different forms along the rungs of enlightenment.

Interpreting the Language of Pain

The following list of body parts and symptoms will assist us in recognizing the areas of our lives that are out of balance when symptoms manifest.

General Areas and Systems of the Body:

Breath indicates our ability to express ourselves in life. If we don’t express ourselves, it is as though someone has placed a boulder on our chest and we cannot fully breathe. Frequently, people place the boulder on themselves.

The breath is expressing our life force, so asthma patients have life-force problems. Often they were stifled from expressing as children. Babies and toddlers know the big picture of who they are, so they may experience tremendous frustration over being trapped in a physical body, unable to express the glory of their true identity. It is helpful to assist children to find safe avenues to explore their gifts and talents. When the life force becomes suppressed, the exhaling process becomes difficult, as is the case with asthma.

The fluids of our body have to do with emotions. Blood, in particular, is the equivalent of love. The ability to love is very important.

If we deliberately withhold love we find constriction in our arteries. Hardened arteries mean hardened emotions and condition of love.

The heart has to do with giving love. Drawing love from the limitless supply of the universe it should flow out through our heart. If we close our heart because of fear or from not being fully present in our body, then we begin to give energy from our life force center. This depletes us.

In order to insulate ourselves from this drain of energy, a layer of fat could build up around the solar plexus (stomach area). Light workers frequently have this layer of fat as an attempt to protect their energy source. People who suffered childhood abuse may use fat to insulate themselves from other people.

It is important to live fully in the body. Many people have suffered childhood sexual abuse and learned to leave the body when things got unpleasant. If we don’t stay in the body and feel, then the heart center remains closed and we cannot fulfill our highest calling on this planet.

Soft tissues and ligaments reflect attitudes. Is our attitude positive? Do we frequently complain? The joints have to do with how flexible we are. The soft tissues control the joints, so they are affected too. For example, in the past, prior to a seminar I would receive the topic but no specific information on the forthcoming lecture. As a result, my knee joints hurt because I wasn’t flexible enough to trust that I would receive the information at the appropriate time.

The skin reflects how we interface with the world. When the skin is irritated, it is because we perceive the world as abrasive or hostile. If a boil develops, that means a specific area of our life is like a sore.

Bones indicate what we inherited from our parents and ancestors, or what we received from genetic memory and early social conditioning.

If an ailment occurs on the front of the body, that means we are aware of the issue but we haven’t dealt with it yet. If the ailment is on the back of the body, we are trying to put it behind us, or we aren’t aware of it yet. If it is on the left side of the body, it has to do with our feminine aspects, or with female relationships in our life. Problems on the right side of the body reflect the masculine part of ourselves, or our masculine relationships.

A virus is the result of being invaded – our boundaries have broken down. The first and foremost sacred space for us is our body and we honor ourselves by establishing healthy boundaries and maintaining it. Viruses, bacteria and fungus invade when our sub-personalities aren’t healthy, happy, whole and functioning. Fungus tends to come when we have abandoned ourselves, bacteria invades when deliberate hostile influences are entering our boundaries and viruses are the result of others being allowed to use and abuse us.

Specific body parts:

The head signals thoughts and ideals – the way we think life ought to be. The face has to do with what we are presenting to the world. If our presentation is different from what is actually happening inside, our two “faces” are in conflict. As a result, acne may develop.

If we have negative thoughts, resentment, and feelings of being inadequate, mucous will develop in the sinuses. Phlegm, the fluid in the throat, is also an indication of negative emotions. Headaches often constitute repression of memories. They can also signify a conflict between the left and right brains.

For example, our right brain knows that we are all-powerful beings – that every one of us is a consciousness superimposed over All That Is. If the left brain opposes it, we develop aheadache.

Ear problems can mean there are things in our environment that we don’t wish to hear: abusive language from a spouse; nagging from a mother; or disrespect from a child. When we protect our boundaries, yet realize that we cannot control the behavior of others, this heals. It is also helpful to see the abuse as their reflection, not ours, so that we don’t take it personally.

The thyroid is where we suppress anger at not being heard. If there are pieces of our reality that don’t fit, and we try to ignore them, it effects the thyroid.

Teeth and their roots are connected to bones, therefore, they indicate conflicts with parental figures or societal attitudes. Teeth have to do with how palatable parental teachings were. If we cannot accept a life situation, our teeth may become hypersensitive. Teeth also pertain to the need for aggression.

Problems with gums indicate something we cannot swallow in life. It is stuck and bothering us, so it becomes an abscess in the mouth.

The neck is where thoughts and ideals meet — reflecting the way life is for us. Light workers often have neck problems because the way they would like life to be and the way life appears, is at variance. That conflict meets in the neck.

A lot of people have atlas problems, meaning the head isn’t on straight. This indicates a dramatic conflict between ideal and reality and an inability to embrace the folly of mankind. If we can start to see the perfection underlying all things, by looking at the larger picture, this conflict goes away.

The shoulders, arms and hands reflect that which is done to us or that which we are doing to another. The hands indicate the present moment. Arms mean it may be less obvious or more under the surface. Shoulders indicate that we have been trying to push it into the past. If our feelings were hurt today, it manifests in the fingers. If we are still hurting over something that happened last week, it will possibly manifest in the arm, up toward the elbow. If there are issues from our childhood or from past relationships that we suppress, we find that in the shoulders or back.

Specific areas of the hands indicate different things. The top joint or section of the fingershas to do with ideals and the mental. The middle joint has to do with emotional issues. The lower joint has to do with the physical body. For example, when someone is hostile towards our spiritual beliefs and makes fun of a sacred object or a spiritual book we hold dear, we may develop a problem with the top joint of the finger. If someone makes fun of our intellect or our ability to solve problems, it also manifests in the top joint. One young woman who had developed a huge tumor in the brain came to me. Her husband’s favorite nickname for her was “brain dead.” That was an insult to the mental and she continually injured the top joints of her fingers.

The area below the shoulders down to the hips has to do with our desires and passion and our self-expression of the things we love to do. Liver problems indicate anger. Kidneyproblems indicate fear. Sacrum problems indicate that we feel unsupported.

The hip area is where we balance between how we desire to live and how we are actually living. For example, a man wants to be an artist but his parents forced him to become a lawyer. Therefore, he develops problems in the hips.

The pubis bone can lock in the front. There is a cartilage joint that should move, and if it doesn’t, it throws the back out of alignment. It locks when our sexuality is being drained. For example, when a young boy is expected to be the man in the family, he may start to shield his masculinity because he feels his energy being drained. If a woman is abused sexually, the pubiswill lock.

Sexual organs relate to our ability to be active in reproduction. Legs reflect how we are moving forward through life. The man who becomes a lawyer instead of an artist may also be prone to hurting his legs. Since his artistic talent is part of his feminine side, and the masculine is crowding it out, it will likely manifest in his left leg.

Knees reflect our flexibility towards what is happening to us. For example, a woman may have a sore right knee when she is being inflexible with her husband.

Problems with the feet indicate how we are moving through life in the present moment. For example, a man has many wonderful ideas at his job but his boss won’t give him the freedom to follow those ideas, so his masculine side becomes stuck. He may have a car accident and jam the bones of his masculine foot, because his life is jammed from moving forward at this time.

Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energies

Our feminine energies include: intuition, the creative process, receiving of non cognitive information, giving birth to, nurturing. Our masculine energies include: the intellect, assertiveness, achieving, setting boundaries, and action.

The emotional-magnetic aspect is feminine and it includes our sub-personalities. This is the horizontal alignment. The mental-electrical aspect is masculine and it includes our three minds. This is the vertical alignment. When the horizontal and vertical alignments are in balance, they intersect through the heart. The heart is the place of the interaction between feeling and cognition. This is an important step because when this alignment takes place, alchemical changes in the body are set in motion that are essential for ascension.

The seeming split of the masculine and feminine energies not only exists between feeling vs cognition, but also between our left and right brain hemispheres. The right brain is feminine and the left brain is masculine. For ascension, we need to energetically merge the masculine and feminine. This means getting our left and right brains working together. When they are balanced, we activate God-mind.